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Hunt & Hawk Article Banner 3 Tips to Finding Your Dream Design Team

When it comes to the world of marketing, it’s an infinite game. There are unlimited possibilities to build a powerful brand. So how do you figure out how to choose the right fit? Whether you’re expanding internal talent or choosing an agency or consultant, stocking your all-star line-up with perfectly skilled designers is another one of the toughest challenges to tackle.  

If you’ve ever found yourself on the hunt for some designer power, chances are you Googled something like awesome designers for creating a brand design. Then the dread sets in! The never ending list of options leaves you reeling. From Fiverr to major global agencies, it’s hard to compare apples to oranges. For those who don’t live and breathe design, it quickly becomes overwhelming to learn the craft of the trade.  

Tracking down a great designer is like finding the love of your life. It’s not a small decision or a matter of availability. Stumbling upon your set of designers is the start of the work. Now comes the detective game and deep investigation. You still need to assess if they are the right fit for your project, company, and vision. Yes it can be tricky, but don’t despair. After we unpack the world of design, we’ve included 3 handy tips to help you find the designer of your dreams. 


Design is Bigger Than You Think 

Let’s be honest, the world of design has become massive and it’s constantly evolving. The types of design outputs and therefore designers are bigger than ever. From graphic designers who create a brand identity to web designers with a user experience (UX) eye, matching skills to projects is critical. Oh, and there are also experts in typography, colour psychology, product design, illustrations, animations, and so much more. It’s an exciting time to be a designer and a confusing time to broadly search for your next hire.  

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Digitally this translates to thousands of clicks and impressions. Let’s face it. Great design is all around you and complements the message trying to reach you. It can serve as the hook to get your attention and cue you to read. It can nudge you in the right direction (think buttons and signs). It can entice you to interact with a message, brand, or company (think social media, downloads, videos). And each time you use the power of design to influence someone’s behaviour in the direction you desire, this is the real power of design done right

Design can be thought of much like packaging. A product’s packaging helps it to stand out on the shelf. Being noticed is the first step to being chosen. Take this article for example. Chances are a designer captured your attention and inspired you to start reading. Design influences thinking and behaviour. It persuades people to engage and act. 

Great designers are experts in how to employ visual thinking. Great designers execute briefs creatively and strategically by bringing concepts to life in a way that inspires us – as well as informs us. As the famous American architect and designer Richard Buckminster Fuller once said, “When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.”


How to Find a Great Designer in 3 Easy Steps

Finding a top-notch designer means looking at these 3 critical elements. 

A portfolio of their design work

A portfolio is a must. It demonstrates skills applied in real life. This masterpiece shows experience and helps you decide on the person’s potential to delight you.

When evaluating a portfolio be on the lookout for:

  1. Form AND function. What does the design communicate? Does it share key information clearly? Is it easy to navigate and memorable?
  2. Logical layouts. There’s a lot of choice from font style to colour and imagery. It needs to work well together and complement the messaging. Does the layout make sense?
  3. Visual clarity. Designers use hierarchy to draw your attention to what matters most. If you’re conflicted or unsure where to look, hierarchy needs improvement. 
  4. Consistent cohesion. If there are other branded assets belonging to the same family, look for consistency. This is critical for audiences to recognise all touchpoints. 
  5. Heartfelt inspiration. Design is supposed to be fun and evoke emotion! Emotional responses are the longest lasting ones.  

Strategic thinking paired with beautiful execution 

You’re paying for expertise, not an order-taker. Make sure the designer is a thinker. If you catch yourself saying, “I just want someone to make something pretty,” please don’t. This is fluff design stemming from what’s cool now. But trends come and go, meaning they lack the uniqueness and longevity required to be distinguishable. If your designer creates things that look cool with nothing else to back it up, ask for a refund. A great designer is a problem-solver first. 

Form always follows function. At Hunt & Hawk,  We encourage designers to design with purpose. Creating a new visual language is about making intentional decisions grounded in a client’s brand story. This is where we find the truth of who they are, why they exist, and who they want to reach. Each visual element and design has to have a purpose. Solid design-thinking produces compelling results with clarity that’s hard to ignore. As we say at Hunt & Hawk, “when you confuse you lose.” 

You gel with your designer

Just like in the dating world, compatibility is important. While you don’t need to be clones, trust is essential. You need free-flowing, raw conversation that unpacks the nuances of your brand. You need to be willing to get uncomfortable and be challenged to uncover truths. Getting the best from your design team relies on the sharing of knowledge to show them why your brand is special. Once they share your vision and see the light, empower them to show you the potential hiding inside your brand. 


A design team on a mission

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, it’s time to get serious about your design partner. Whether it’s a brand refresh, launching a new product or company, or simply expanding the brand assets or channels you have up your sleeve, call in the experts. At Hunt & Hawk, we scale companies from the brand up. It’s in our DNA. There’s no greater thrill than to shape a brand that propels companies to the next level. From start-up to scale-up to world domination, we love it all. If you want to talk shop, brand power, and design thinking, drop us a line at, or add us to your inbox by subscribing for more awesome ideas and follow the team at Hunt & Hawk on LinkedIn. We live for these conversations.