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Hunt & Hawk Article Are we all just living in a (Barbie) Marketing World

What has 10 million views, a bright shade of pink, and sits alongside some of the most expensive buildings in the world? 

Aussie actress Margot Robbie’s walkthrough video of the Barbie Dreamhouse for Architectural Digest.

Given Architectural Digest has more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube, it’s no surprise so many people clicked on Robbie’s in-character walkthrough of the dreamhouse.

The magazine has amassed a massive following on social media through its Open Door series – with voyeuristic viewers keen to check out the interiors of a diverse range of celebrity homes.

But Robbie’s tongue-in-cheek tour of Barbie’s open-plan digs is the most watched video in some time, even if it trails the massive 53 million views American rapper Wiz Khalifa reeled in to watch his now five-year-old episode.


Image of Margot Robbie as part of the Barbie Dreamhouse walkthrough for Architectural Digest.

Margot Robbie prepares for the walkthrough. Credit: Architectural Digest.

Barbie Is Everywhere 

And the dreamhouse walkthrough is just one small part of a $US100 million marketing campaign promoting the Barbie movie that is by any stretch one of the biggest in recent Hollywood history. 

Have you seen all the marketing around town? It feels like everywhere you look, that lurid pink is just leaping out at you!

From billboards to bus shelters and even a press junket at Bondi’s famous Icebergs, the iconic doll and related paraphernalia have been absolutely everywhere. 

We even sent some of the Hunt & Hawk team out and about in Melbourne to capture the masses of marketing happening down south – check out the video.   


A Barbie doll against a softened, green background.

She’s everywhere! Credit: Elena Mishlanova on Unsplash.

Then There’s the Selfie Generator

One of the most effective drivers of content has surely been the AI-inspired Barbie Selfie Generator.

Accessed via a landing page at, the generator lets you strike a pose or upload a pic of yourself and captures your likeness as either Barbie or Ken.

You can change the background, write custom text, then upload the image to socials using the #BarbieTheMovie hashtag.

It’s all marketing genius.

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