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Here’s a question for all you social media scrollers: are LinkedIn games the one thing the platform needs less than anything else? If you answered ‘yes,' we've got some bad news for you. That’s because, as reported by tech industry outlet TechCrunch, the Microsoft-owned platform for professionals plans to introduce gaming to keep users on the site for longer. Aiming to cash in on the current puzzle craze sweeping

Do you do your most innovative work over Zoom calls, or when you're collaborating with colleagues face to face? That’s a question plenty of Zoom staff have been asking after audio leaked of their chief executive, Eric Yuan, requesting employees to return to the office at least two days a week. “Quite often, you come up with great ideas, but when you are all on Zoom, it’s really

Hunt & Hawk Marketing Strategy Lead, Jana Tann, joined our team after a period of maternity leave. Here, Jana shares her valuable insights for mums returning to work.   Three months into my post-maternity leave return (with my son, Beau, now 14 months), I've been hit by the unholy trifecta of day care germs – cue a delightful cold, conjunctivitis, and hand, foot, and mouth disease. You know, I

Do you ever hide a part of yourself away when you head into the workplace? It’s something many of us do every day. Tattoos in the workplace can be a divisive topic. I’ve been hiding a part of myself away for more than 20 years. Every weekday morning I get up, don a long-sleeve business shirt, and transform from the music-loving, football-watching obsessive I am after hours into

“You didn’t have much to say in that meeting?” Has a work colleague ever muttered this rhetorical question to you? If you take a ‘church mouse’ approach to meetings – office-based or online – such observations have the ability to dent your confidence and even self-worth. But selective speaking in group settings isn’t necessarily a negative trait. In fact, far from it. Here, we explore the question: is being quiet in

Do you have a blend of onshore and offshore teams for your business? We detail how to get the mix right. As soon as you step out of your home country, you quickly realise things are done differently. Whether it’s tipping, customer service, or attention-to-detail, no two countries are the same. These differences filter down to the way business is conducted and employees operate. And these distinctions can create issues