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It's been a busy week or so for high-profile entrepreneur and investor, Sam Altman. We recap the details. “A Netflix documentary in the making.” That’s how one investment firm described the shock departure of OpenAI’s co-founder and CEO, Sam Altman, late last week. Leading up to this dramatic moment, it was reported that the board of OpenAI – which created ChatGPT – felt that Altman hadn’t been “candid enough in

Every day contains 86,400 seconds, but according to our Senior Content Writer, Mike Tuckerman, we still often feel like we don't have enough time. Here’s an interesting fact: the word ‘time’ is the most commonly used noun in the English language. I only recently learned this in Dr. Rebecca Struthers’ new book, Hands of Time: A Watchmaker’s History of Time. Struthers is a remarkable character. Born and raised in working-class surroundings

Artificial intelligence can help you complete a diverse range of digital marketing tasks, but there’s one thing tools like ChatGPT can never replace – human creativity. That's according to our Senior Content Writer, Mike Tuckerman. On the days I work from home, I sometimes stop and stare at the same piece of art on the walls of my home office that was once owned by Vincent van

Are you wondering what’s the best AI blog writing tool on the market? We’ve removed the guesswork for you by conducting an experiment using some of the most popular platforms. This is what we found… Right now, AI writers are more hyped than a Taylor Swift gig. With so many options and so much information – and misinformation – we decided it was time to put some software

It just doesn’t cut it… In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, it's simply not enough to have a great product or service.  You need to have a compelling story that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from the competition.  Enter brand storytelling.  By crafting a narrative that connects with your customers on an emotional level, you can build a loyal following that not only buys

Content is king. Almost three decades since Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates published an insightful essay with those three words as its title, the since-popularised phrase remains as relevant as ever.  In today's digital landscape, content continues to reign supreme – although there are a couple of caveats. Firstly, it’s quality content that wears the crown.  Secondly, since Gates penned that famous article, new content types have ‘moved into the royal

Here’s a thought-starter: how do you create your marketing team in the tech space or any other niche industry when your sole focus up to this point has been on creating the best possible product? It’s a common concern for many companies looking to progress from start-up to scale-up and that have often enjoyed rapid early success in the marketplace. As exhilarating as it can be to successfully

SEO. It’s an acronym we constantly hear in the digital marketing world, and with good reason. Online content with SEO at its heart is a powerful tool for generating organic website traffic – in other words, being seen by audiences relevant to your business. After all, the acronym does stand for search engine optimisation. In simpler terms, that means appeasing Google. It’s the only search engine that really counts. So what