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Group of young people in an office space as part of an article about 'tech shame'.

‘Tech shame’ is a phrase that’s getting thrown about in some workplaces. 

And despite what you might think at face value, it’s not older audiences that are dealing with the embarrassment. 

It’s ‘the kids’. Or Gen Z workers, to be more precise, that are being tech shamed.


Employees working at their desks with computers.

Tech shame – coming to an office near you. Credit: Israel Andrade on Unsplash.

From Tech Whiz to Tech Shame

This demographic is often lumped with a perception that it’s a collective of absolute tech whizzes. 

Most of us have probably witnessed – and possibly marvelled – at the proficiency in which even toddlers can use a smartphone or wield a TV remote. 

But what about the good ol’ photocopier – an office staple for generations? Well…

The article Technology Basics Puzzling to Generation Z and a piece it references from The Guardian dispel a common assumption that Gen Zers are all-round tech geniuses simply because they can film, edit, and upload a social media video in mere minutes.

As it turns out, workplace tech is a whole new beast. Enter tech shame.


Man using a photocopier.

Its contraptions like these that are leading to tech shame. Credit: Centre for Ageing Better on Unsplash.

No Shame in Asking for Help

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