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Hunt & Hawk Article Brand Clarity and the Death of FOMO

Growing your brand can be easier said than done.

New ideas and companies are springing up every day.

They’re all suffering the same fate. They’re all struggling to be heard, to be understood, and to build connections. Why is that? 

A quick online search should provide some answers. There are so many brands out there that many start to sound the same.

With so much competition, it’s often hard to know where to look. Cutting through the noise and capturing attention sometimes feels impossible.

And even if you make a first impression, it could also end up being your last. That’s not the key to growth, so what’s the solution?


Crowd in a train station.

It can be tough to stand out. Credit: Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash.

Vanilla Is Not the Flavour You’re After

A lot of companies suffer from FOMO.

To avoid alienating potential customers, they use caution too liberally. Sprinkling it everywhere means they end up trying to be all things to all peopleSadly, that also means forgettable, confusing, and boring.

Why do cool people try to hide their awesomeness? Our authentic selves trump a watered-down version every single day of the week. And it’s the same for your brand. 

Being bold can be scary, but more personality means not being forgettable.

The goal is standing out from the crowd. Some people might not like it. But they’re not the right people for you.

We can’t be everyone’s cup of whiskey, and those who like it will like it a lot. People who love you will purchase often and sing your praises loudly. Evangelism works because it’s based on trust that already exists. 


Ice cream shop showing different flavours.

Don’t settle for vanilla when you can do so much better. Credit: Bryn Beatson on Unsplash.

Clarity of Purpose: Who Do You Serve?

What customer challenges do you solve?

Your customers want you to solve a superficial problem that isn’t their real issue.

Doctors can treat symptoms or look for root causes. It’s the same for you.

Find the underlying motives for your customers and build a deeper connection. Ask the right questions and dig deep.

We see it a lot where clients ask for a new website, but they really want to scale sales. The request can be part of a bigger solution. 

A great website can be your best salesperson. There’s only so many doors you can knock on in one day. A digital doorway can broaden your reach and conversations.

So the real solution needs to address why the existing site isn’t performing.

Is the messaging outdated? Is the brand forgettable? Is the information confusing? Is there a thoughtful buyer journey? In many cases, it’s a sprinkle of all of the above. 


Laptop on table in front of a window.

A great website is a powerful tool. Credit: Igor Miske on Unsplash.

Captain Obvious and the Voice-of-the-Customer

Shift the conversation.

Messages need to resonate in less than six seconds.

People need to care first before you dazzle them with your features. They need to know you get it and therefore you get them.

If you want your messages to connect, show how you understand your customers and what keeps them up at night.

We call this the voice-of-the-customer. When you can speak their language, they’re captivated instantly. Most companies falter here. And that fumble can become your ultimate opportunity. 

Think of a doctor writing the messaging on a website for prospective patients. Written by doctors, for doctors, works well for… other doctors.

But it’s likely patients won’t understand the service offering or the benefits, which means they can’t tell if it’s the right choice.

When you confuse, you lose – every single time. People with problems are time-poor and urgent. When the clock is ticking, they’re not going to decipher what you really mean.

Write in the voice-of-the-customer (instead of doctor-speak) to make the best use of that 6 seconds.


Close up of a person typing on a laptop.

Writing in the voice of the customer is the best medicine. Credit: Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash.

Find Your Purpose and You’ve Got Your Message

Businesses that truly know – and own – their purpose have a remarkable synergy.

From customers to suppliers and staff, does everyone know what they’re working towards when they think of your brand? Do you get 50 different answers? Have you given thought to your future image of a big, bold brand destination and shared it?

This is your vision. It’s a bit aspirational and will make a serious impact. It’s a goal that will take time to reach, but you’re taking strides and that’s formidable. 

What comes next is a bit more realistic. The daily habits that will take you towards your goal, which is your mission.

Let’s say you’re a private chef with a vision of ‘building a world full of healthier and happier families with less stress and more love, one family at a time’.

Your mission could be ‘fresh and healthy weeknight meals that give families more quality time to spend together talking, laughing, and eating delicious food’.

When you nail the vision and the mission, you’ve got a compass to guide every decision you make as an organisation and a framework to build a brand upon that unites people, ideas, and solutions.


A bunch of black and white letters joined up.

If your mission is uncertain, it’s hard to progress. Credit: Drew Gilliam on Unsplash.

Brand Matters to Keeping Customers and Finding New Ones

When it comes to branding, it’s a beast and a beauty.

Every little detail from design, to customer experience, to the way you answer the phone makes up your unique recipe.

Given the importance of the little details, it’s wise to dedicate serious energy to your brand strategy, brand story, brand values and personality, brand positioning, and visual brand suite.

When the energy flows in the same direction, everything changes suddenly for the better. 

After all, it’s not the best advertising that wins but the best brand design and service.


Sliced orange with blue coating and a blue background.

It’s all in the detail. Be bold. Credit: Davisuko on Unsplash.

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