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Finish Strong What We Know About Helping You Close Sales

The objective is clear – you want to move leads through your pipeline at pace.

But what’s the best way to do this?

Here are seven tips that detail how to close your sales fast and finish strong.


Two businesswomen looking at a laptop as we discuss how to close your sales fast and finish strong.

Let’s close that deal, fast. Credit: Linkedin Sales Solutions on Unsplash.

1. Get Talking

Talk to the point of contact you have in the prospect’s company, but then try to speak with other people in the business as well.

Of course, don’t be sneaky and don’t annoy anyone, but you can be honest and say, “I’m interested in getting a holistic understanding of your company’s goals and offerings who else should I talk with to expand my knowledge?”.

2. Research

Go deeper in understanding the industry in which your prospect pertains too: research the trends, the forecasts, and competitors. Remember, you are trying to gain a clearer picture of what they do, what they want to do, and why it matters. These are all critically important components when it comes to the topic of how to close your sales fast and finish strong.

3. Be in the Business of Solutions

You’re a solutions provider, not just a salesperson. Take a consultative approach to your interactions with your prospects. Don’t try and sell a product or service; instead, show how their business could benefit from the adoption of your solution.

This means really understanding how they do business, and at times presenting solutions to problems they didn’t even know they had. People can be dubious this is where your effective communication comes into play.


Man conducting a business meeting with a woman who is on a laptop screen.

Effective communication is key. Credit: Linkedin Sales Solutions on Unsplash.

4. Articulation of Value

Building on the point of effective communication, this tip is about presenting your value through accessible language and connecting with your prospect’s needs. Clear and concise wins the day.

5. Listen and (sometimes) Respond

Objection handling can sometimes be as simple as listening to your prospect’s problems, pain points, and concerns. We’re all human and sometimes just need to share our grievances and be heard.

Listening and sympathising/empathising is sometimes enough. Give your prospect the assurance you have listened to and understood their needs, the affirmation that you have the solution, and a dash of excitement about what the future holds for their business if they choose you.

6. Expectation Management

Show them that you’re the real deal and ask the hard questions early on it’s an underrated tip when it comes to how to close your sales fast and finish strong. The prospect will respect your candidness, and this helps to build trust and rapport. Consider such questions as:

  • Do you know your budget?
  • What is your timeline?
  • What result/s are you expecting?

7. Keep Some Tricks Up Your Sleeve

Don’t give away all your secrets in the first meeting. Firstly, engage in discussion and understand their goals. If you launch straight into what you’re offering, they may think you’re not focused on their success. Connect the dots for them naturally and conversationally between what they need and what you offer. Take your time to reveal just how helpful you could be for their business.


Professionals sitting in a glass-walled meeting room.

Don’t show your whole hand in the first meeting. Credit: Rodeo Project Management Software on Unsplash.

How to Close Your Sales Fast and Finish Strong – We Can Help

Hopefully these seven tips about how to close your sales fast and finish strong have proved beneficial.

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