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The world is noisy, so you’ve got to be loud. This isn’t just about an online presence, it’s about an unmissable online personality your target audience can’t help but notice. Marketing in a meaningful way finds the perfect mix of channels and campaigns to create buzz.

Soar above your competition and become a leader in your industry. Provide your target audience with value and insight; be interesting! We’ll craft your message, create the content and broadcast it all to a world previously beyond your reach.

This is a customised approach, designed especially for your business to increase exposure and drive more sales. We undertake research and investigation to discover where your best opportunities lie. Then we target this sector of the market with value-driven, high-converting communication to get people excited about connecting with your business.

Although we’re huge fans of utilising data for results driven digital marketing, we also believe that some things just can’t be measured with numbers. So we like to use data, with a dash of creative flair. We’re not in the business of lead generation for the sake of lead generation. Istead, we get you quality leads that actually convert into sales.

But most importantly, we’re called Hunt & Hawk for a reason – because we believe Sales & Marketing are made for each other like Meghan & Harry. They each have their own strengths & unique qualities but one compliments the other, and together you get a powerhouse. With Hunt & Hawk, you get the drive of a hunter (sales), and the precision of a Hawk (marketing).. It’s a new chemistry of solutions that include:

Virtual CMO (Chief of Marketing)

Strategy & Integrated Marketing Communications

Marketing Plans, Schedules and Budgets

Content creation & monthly packages

SEO, SEM & PPC campaigns

Partnership & Event Management

Other solutions