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Why we do what we do

With the precision of a hawk and the determination of a hunter, Hunt & Hawk take being bold to the beyond and create excellence every step of the way.

In fact, that’s why we’re here. We believe people should be having extraordinary experiences every time they connect with a brand, whether it’s with us or one of our clients. It’s a chain reaction – when we make you happy, you make your clients happy.

We Believe

By transforming businesses into the best they can be, it enables the right people to find the right businesses, and this way they can connect in extraordinary and meaningful ways. It’s our proud duty to facilitate and fuel this type of connection.

We Live By


We're not your typical marketers. If you don’t believe creating a distinctive brand experience is essential for your growth, sorry, we’re not a good fit. (good luck though!)


Be bold and step up. Have fun and push the boundaries. Question assumptions and get results.


Simplifying the complex is no simple feat. Luckily, there's no such thing as problems, only solutions.


Humble as ever but aware of our value. We fly HIGH but we're human and we don’t pull punches. When we believe in what you’re doing, we’re candid about what's possible.


``Good enough`` isn't good enough. It has to kickass, otherwise, what's the point? So we live by simple rules: get shit done, have fun, be cool and make it count.


Spread your wings my friend, it’s time to soar!

Your horizons are wide and the possibilities are endless. What you’re looking for is something big, bright and breath-takingly bold, well since you’re reading this: you’re halfway there. Buckle-up and bid farewell to your old pain. No more chasing new clients like a dog chases its tail; instead you’ll observe like the hawk and pursue like the hunter. A new dawn is coming for your business, it’s about embracing the new and moving fearlessly into the future. Everything begins with a desire to change, and a simple click.

Meet our team

Head Hawk // Co-Founder, CMO

Head Hunter // Co-Founder, CSO

Brand Strategist

Marketing Campaign Manager

Design Director

Senior Designer

Video Marketer

Senior Content Writer

Senior Content Writer
James Green FPW

Ryan's knowledge of HubSpot is second to none.

The team at Hunt and Hawk have been a pleasure to deal with. After meeting with over 10 companies that operate in the marketing space, Ryan and Mia took the time to understand my business and adapt to its needs. I would recommend Hunt & Hawk to any business looking to expand its marketing, sales, branding and technology requirements!

James Green

Director, FPW Group

A better way.

Hunt & Hawk has helped me clarify several key issues I have been thinking about for a while. It has helped us come up with a better way of approaching our “sales and marketing” activities. This is excellent as we now have systematic ways to make informed decisions especially related to finances.

Catherine Norton

Founder & CEO // Heal with Laser -

Hunt & Hawk are a cut above the rest.

For 32 years I’ve been marketing companies and building businesses all over the world. A number of years ago I hired Sonya Vanjicki and Ryan Devlin and those two they are a cut above. I’ve hired lots and lots of marketing people and dozens of sales people over the years and they know how to do it. Sonya and Ryan know how to market, and know how to sell. They’ll help you grow your business to whatever size you want - they’re going to hunt it down, they’re going to hawk your products to whatever size and scale you’re looking for, in whatever country or product field that you’ve got. They know their stuff. They’ve helped me do tens of millions of dollars worth of revenue. And I’m sure they can help you as well.

Rob Nixon

Founder, Best-Selling Author, Accounting Business Success Coach // Profitable Partners & Panalitix -

Hit the ground running!

I have been working with Hunt and Hawk for about 6 months now. We have been working really closely getting my new business up and running. My aim was to hit the ground running and doing it right the first time. We really wanted to focus on marketing and how to grow the business, but managing to keep the customer focus number 1 priority. Couldn’t be happier with the team and the support I have received. Keep up the good work guys

Jonathan Yates

Founder & CEO // Your Property Services -

Simplify the complex.

Hunt & Hawk simplifies the confusing marketing process so that it can easily be executed! Wonderful work!

Kirsten Barrie

Founder & CEO // Verte Consulting -

Amazing results.

Hunt & Hawk are a great team & organization producing amazing results ..... under extreme pressure they came through for me & I would recommend them to anyone !

Anthony Amos

Owner // HydroDog Global -

We couldn't be happier!

The team at Hunt & Hawk have been amazing and we would highly recommend them. They have absolutely nailed the brief and we couldn't be happier!

Taryn Holman

Sales & Marketing Manager // Superannuation Advisors Australia -

Just awesome.

Hunt & Hawk's team was awesome - they helped my really tidy up my sales funnel and got me organised. The automation was sensational, saved me heaps of time - awesome.

Rohan Wood

CEO // The Exit Guy -

A game changer.

The team at Hunt & Hawk have been a game changer for us. They have gone above and beyond when working with us to better our business, by way of, for example; their invaluable knowledge in sales and marketing; their ability to completely customise their process and advice to suit our needs, continually adapting as needed; and their honest and genuine nature. We’re looking forward to continuing our journey with the Hunt & Hawk team!

Emily Ingram

Owner & Marketing Manager // Prendi -

Fantastic knowledge with a personal touch.

We've been working with Sonya, Ryan and the team at Hunt & Hawk for a few months now after working with them in the past in previous lives. Their knowledge of sales and marketing is fantastic and they apply a personal approach to each project.

Alan Woods

CEO // Woods Squared -