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Sonya Vanjicki

Head Hawk // Co-Founder, CMO

Sonya cultivates creativity and connection everywhere she goes. With 17 years in the industry, she’s developed a sixth sense for choosing the right messaging, branding and positioning to bring purpose and pleasure to companies all around the world. She combines theory and tech to harmonise and enhance brand experiences across all touch-points.

With a background in online gaming, development, digital design, government, legal, SaaS, eCommerce and finance, she is sought after for her expertise in digital marketing, cross-channel campaigns and generally making shit look cool. Sonya is also super passionate about giving back, contributing to charity and mental health, as well as creating a space where people and companies can unite to overcome global problems.

Hobbies Photography, cycling, flying, design

Favourite Places India, and a beautiful beach

Post-grad, QUT
+61 415 176 767
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