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Graphic of a woman with a television as her head as part of an article about tech being sexy.

The words ‘tech’ and ‘sexy’ don’t often share the same sentence. But they absolutely should.

The SaaS space is worth a mammoth $170 billion – growing at a rate of 500% over the past seven years.

And there are $650 billion in digital cash payments transferred daily in Australia alone.

Serious coin means creative freedom for SaaS companies to harness the power of cash flow, think smarter, and bring sexy back to their world – and their tech brands.


Man holding credit card in front of a laptop.

Online payments add up to billions of dollars. Credit: on Unsplash.

Smart and SaaSy: Tech as the Centrefold Star

Tech can feel complex and overwhelming, but we constantly live and breathe it.

Today, your digital footprint is consumed, monitored, tracked, and traced. It feels intrusive, but it’s also extremely valuable. This data allows you to uncover a lot about a person, or more importantly, about a business.  

With the tech rush, automation, crypto, digital bills being passed, the rise of the metaverse, social media in everyone’s pocket, and more, it feels like our digital lives will become more valuable than our physical lives.

That’s why your digital presence is about your reputation and your growth strategy. Skip the tacky gimmicks and make tech the centrefold it is with powerful branding and messaging.  


Smartphone displaying social media apps.

Tech is increasingly immersing itself in our everyday lives. Credit: Dole777 on Unsplash.

Spotlight on Sexy: Branding Done Right

Thousands of companies are pushing branding with creative marketing. Witty taglines, elaborate messaging, and pretty designs hit our desks daily.

In an ocean of choice, it’s hard to choose – especially for SaaS. To bring sexy back, think creatively like an architect – pull it apart and rebuild with flair. Your product is now, but your brand is forever, so nailing your core brand messaging and identity will leave a legacy.

Look at Nike. The sportswear giant is a great example of how simple and empowering messaging converts. Everyone knows the brand. The famous tagline Just Do It conveys the coach, drill sergeant, mum and dad cheering you on, or your best friend daring you to do more. Emotions matter, and actions speak louder than words.

These are big ideas in three little words. And the emotion makes you believe anything is possible. That’s powerful branding. It’s a feeling – of power, hope, or positivity for anyone who hears the message.

And the idea of a brilliant brand is to inspire both action and emotion – a single moment that can completely change your life. 

Finding the perfect tagline to shape your brand’s foundation with impeccable conviction isn’t easy. It requires understanding of who you are, what you stand for, and how you add value to the world. It’s about talking to your audience and not at them.

What’s the formula to communicate with impact and build meaningful brand connections that convert


Pair of Nike shoes placed on a ledge.

Nike is an iconic brand that’s a step ahead of the competition. Credit: Aman Jakhar on Unsplash.

5 Key Branding Guidelines

Getting your brand out there is awesome, but if no one cares – or engages – it’s wasteful. SaaS and tech can be complex, clunky, and uninviting to newcomers. Follow these steps to spark curiosity and inspire action. 

1. Attract: Stand Out and Be Presentable

Tech is crowded. There’s always competition, and size matters. If you’re better but they’re bigger, you have to fight more than twice as hard to combat influence.

Prospects will choose the brand they knowso that means the better brand with a louder, clearer message. Staying top of mind includes repetition.

After all, brand competition is all about the fight for mental real estate. Your brand needs to explain: Why someone should choose you over the competition.

This is the backbone of your message, and everything you create needs to convey this. Don’t forget you want to show, not just tell. In the digital world, a picture is worth a thousand clicks.


Website homepage displayed on a laptop.

Show as well as tell. Credit: Le Buzz Studio on Unsplash.

2. Engage: Be Smart, but Bring Flair and Personality

Your brand needs both personality and tone of voice, just like a human. Together, they make your brand memorable and unique. It’s not fluff but should be tantalising.

Every little detail contributes to brand power or brand dilution, so hone your personality to connect with your audience so they will remember and pick you. Yes, your tech can be cool, but don’t expect it to do all the heavy lifting.

Just like any product or service, it needs a core message to connect with people to reel them in so they will check it out.

A strong voice and a dash of humour in a well-defined brand personality will not only get noticed but convert. Remember that standing out from the competition requires being distinct in your brand, and being smart is always sexy.


Empty billboard at a bus stop.

Vanilla won’t do. Your brand needs personality. Credit: Bram Naus on Unsplash.

3. Convert: Woo Them, Don’t Screw Them

Sales is about building a relationship and not just mimicking a ‘one-night stand’. Sure, there’s volume at play with the latter, but one-time transactions will eventually run out.

Longevity means bringing emotion and a long-term perspective. Accountability is key here – make promises you can keep and never miss a chance to delight your customers. 


Computer screen showing analytics.

The numbers are important, but so too is building relationships. Credit: Austin Distel on Unsplash.

4. Retain: Keep Your Customers Happy

Customer lifecycle metrics include MRR, CAC, CLV, CRR, and churn rates. But that’s not all that matters. Revenue metrics don’t tell the full story, and if you don’t have enough UNFs, ILYs, and LOLs along the way, what’s the point?

Find a balance between brains and beauty to gain a holistic perspective.

To simplify your metrics, you need a good CRM to collect, interpret, and use data intelligently to scale. Customer acquisition or retention? We say both. Happy customers are the result of your people, solution, and service.

As Paddi Lund says: “Systematise the Little Things in your business and deliver an incredible experience about which customers will rave!” The little things are where the magic lies.


Man in front of laptop and monitor showing HubSpot CRM.

A quality CRM helps. Credit: Campaign Creators on Unsplash.

5. KISS: Keep It Sexy, Stupid

In complex B2B or SaaS industries, sharing the vision and purpose is crucial. Ironically, sharing the value of your solution is usually the hardest part. Ask the tough questions and do some soul-searching.

Find your clarity and your mission so you can inspire audiences to do business with you because you have undeniable alignment. Throughout history, we’ve used storytelling to connect with others – sales pitches are no exception.

Share your ideas with passion, precision, and unparalleled simplicity.

When you bring directness and clarity to your everyday conversations, the heart of your brand, and your solution, your sexiness will materialise effortlessly. 


Neon sign with the word KISS in capital letters.

Keep It Sexy, Stupid. Credit: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.

Experts in SaaSiness and Sexiness  

At Hunt & Hawk, we specialise in scaling businesses from the brand up by providing strategic sales and marketing solutions and nailing creative execution. We bring clarity to complex businesses, so they can connect more powerfully.

Try us. Give us your hardest challenge. Give us a tangled-up product suite, a group of intertwined businesses, or your seedling idea and we’ll show you how to drive growth by making it sexy and sellable.

We love chatting about bringing sexy back to brands in tech, so if you want to chat about how you can unleash your sexy SaaSy side, drop us a line at or follow the team at Hunt & Hawk on LinkedIn.