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What Present-Day Self would say to Past Self about Starting a Business

Present-day self: It’s going to be a @#$%%^ load of work
Past self: Bring it on
Present-day self: But seriously, prepare your friends and family so they know what you’re about to embark on – cherish the support and emotional labour they offer you. Also expectation manage the people around you so they are aware of your current abilities/availabilities: you’re not being a flake, you’re just starting your own business!

Present-day self: Don’t skimp on Marketing – it’s absolutely not worth it
Past self: Nah, I got this – I’ve got some social media pages and a great website
Present-day self: Whoa buddy, there is a LOT more to marketing than that. Focus on understanding who your audience is (their needs/wants), capturing your audience and then converting your leads into sales. Your marketing plan is your roadmap to success. It is not only about how people find out about you/engage with you but it is your voice, brand and everything you want your business to be!

Present-day self: Optimising your business could mean many things
Past self: But what do you mean, wise all-knowing future me?!
Present-day self: Of course I am talking about automation. Work out what CRM tools work best for our client-base/goals as well as automating email blasts/website management and of course all of this in accordance with your marketing strategy. Lead nurturing needs to be optimised as well i.e. your hand-over between and marketing and sales will save you lots of time/$$$/heartache as well.

Present-day self: Offshoring is also another way to optimise business
Past self: That sounds complicated and still out-of-my-depth at this stage
Present-day self: Look past self, I totally hear you, I mean…I was you, but the thing about taking some work offshore is that it frees up time for you to actually get on with business rather than tasks like data processing, customer service and website management. You are able to use your team to their utmost capacity whilst saving time/$ by complimenting your current workflow with offshore workers.

Present-day self: Respect your workers and they’ll respect you and your business
Past self: Well, duh!
Present-day self: Especially when you’re starting out, to know you have people backing you, wanting you to succeed and even better, contributing to your success – well that’s just wonderful. Keep your workers in the loop and let them know their work appreciated. As well, a shared goal keeps us all accountable and motivated.

Present-day self: Ask for help! Ask for help! Ask for help! HEEEEELP!
Past self: But how do I know I need help?
Present-day self: Yes, you need help! An outsider’s perspective is exactly what the business needs. Also, don’t be a hero – asking for help can mean you’re looking after yourself and subsequently your business: your business won’t be any good if you’re burnt out by the time you become sustainable. In fact, you can book a zero-obligation, free growth session with Hunt and Hawk here.