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A GIF with the flashing words 'Meta AI', as part of an article about the Meta Advantage Detailed Targeting.

The Meta Business Suite is an essential resource for marketers. The introduction of the AI-driven Advantage detailed targeting option is completely changing the game… but there’s a catch. 

The Meta machine is evolving. Rapidly.

In fact, any marketer that utilises the Meta Business Suite for paid advertising will likely tell you that the tool is constantly advancing, and becoming more user friendly.

Well, the ‘user friendly’ part is debatable, but there’s no denying that there have been significant changes to the platform in recent times.

The rise of artificial intelligence across the world has been swift, and Meta has jumped on the bandwagon – implementing its own flavour of AI to help enhance its paid advertising services.

Meta’s audience targeting tool has transitioned from being heavily dependent on user guidance to reach a target demographic, to now having the ability to drive itself to find your audience.

Welcome to the world of Advantage detailed targeting.

How important is this realm?

Well, Meta’s AI targeting algorithms aren’t just a part of the strategy, they are the strategy.

So, it’s time to leverage these advancements in your marketing output.


A blue-coloured Meta logo against a black background.

Meta. It’s a powerful force. Credit: Dima Solomin on Unsplash.

Advantage, You

Traditionally, reaching your online audience required meticulous targeting of niche groups, with detailed demographic data to pinpoint the market.

Meta is revolutionising this process. With the introduction of Advantage detailed targeting, Meta’s AI now shoulders much of the targeting ‘burden’ – intelligently displaying your ads to those most likely to engage.

This follows a directive earlier in the year in which Meta advised marketers to give the specific demographic approach to targeting a miss and instead opt for more broader targeting for a better outcome on campaigns.

Best practice now is to simply target your desired audience by location, gender, and age. Meta’s AI will seek out the niche on your behalf.

Based on our experience so far, we recommend aiming for a minimum audience size of two million. The larger the audience, the better that Meta’s AI can target individuals likely to engage with your brand or service.

If you’re concerned that the target segment is too large, Meta’s AI will swiftly refine and focus your ads on the most relevant audience.

Your content will guide the AI in identifying your intended cohort during its ‘learning phase’, ensuring your message reaches those most inclined to act.

Of course, there’s still a place for custom and lookalike audiences to be used in tandem with this strategy.


Bearded man using a laptop displaying a Facebook ads page.

Meta is revolutionising the way businesses pinpoint their markets. Credit: Brian Jones on Unsplash.

Content is King

Meta’s Advantage detailed targeting tool has massive upsides – including simplifying the way we reach audiences – but this convenience comes with a critical requirement…

Your content must resonate powerfully with your target audience.

If the material you produce does not resonate with your audience, your efforts will not convert.

Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, foresaw this in his groundbreaking 1996 essay ‘Content is King’, predicting the internet’s reliance on content for revenue – mirroring that of the broadcasting and media industries at the time.

He was spot on. Today, compelling content not only turns readers into leads and clients but it dominates search engines, and shapes brand experiences.

Understanding your audience, and the nuances within it, is crucial for the success of your marketing efforts.

The importance of investing in market research and basing your content strategies on data has never been more significant.

But just as important as those elements is creating content that stands out.

Producing quality content demands both time and resources, but serving up subpar content that fails to engage your audience is even more costly.

The latest updates in Meta’s targeting highlight this reality more than ever.

It’s essential to craft content that clearly communicates to Meta’s Advantage detailed targeting who it’s meant for. The precision in content creation is vital for the software to deliver accurate results.

And that’s a win for marketing departments…

This shift reduces the risk of marketers making incorrect assumptions about their audience, which then leads to poor ROI due to discrepancies between clicks and actual sales.


Close up of a person typing on a laptop.

Advantage detailed targeting relies on quality content to effectively do its job. Credit: Daniel Thomas on Unsplash.

Advantage Detailed Targeting – in AI We Trust?

While we’ve established that your content (and copy) needs to be sharply focused on your target audience to effectively harness the power of the evolving Meta machine, the hot question remains…

Does Advantage detailed targeting yield better results?

Our A/B tests pitting traditional, specific marketing against Meta’s broad targeting approach has consistently shown that the AI-driven method comes out on top.

At this stage, our campaigns for even the most niche industries and services are seeing better performance with broad targeting compared to those using more specific marketing targeting strategies.

Despite some scepticism and vulnerability about trusting the Advantage detailed targeting system, the results so far speak for themselves.

We’d love to tell you more about this important marketing tool…


Close up of a person interacting with a laptop displaying a Facebook page.

It’s becoming harder to be seen, but Advantage detailed targeting helps to find your audience. Credit: Nghia Nguyen on Unsplash.

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