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An icon with the letters 'abc' as part of an article about how Always Be Conscious is the new Always Be Closing.

‘Always Be Closing’ is a motivational phrase associated with the sales industry. But we think there’s another ABC that’s more important…

“Salespeople should ‘ABC’: Always Be Closing.”

These are the words of Blake in the 1992 film, Glengarry Glen Ross. Played by Alec Baldwin, Blake is a money hungry salesman who knows how to get what he wants – even if it’s through fear and intimidation. It’s during a memorable scene that he barks these words in the direction of a group of salesmen.

What does Always Be Closing mean?

In essence, the term encourages salespeople to adopt dogged determination in finding new prospects and closing deals.

Unfortunately, this phrase and movies like Glengarry Glen Ross – as great as it is reinforce a stereotype that salespeople are cold, calculated, and untrustworthy.

Telemarketers. Used-car salesmen. They’re hardly occupations viewed in a positive light.

What does that mean for salespeople who don’t fit the stereotype?

It means you have to lift your game, lift your offering, and be solutions-based and results-oriented for your clients with every point of contact.

How? Well, there’s a new ABC in town…

Always Be Conscious.


From Always Be Conscious To Always Be Closing

Here are five ways you can follow the method of Always Be Conscious, so you can Always Be Closing…

1. Genuinely Care

Rapport, client relations, small talk. Whatever you want to call it, ask your clients or potential clients about their lives. Simple.

Then, determine how your product or service will actually help them. Talk to your clients, listen to them, and offer a solution.

This involves discussing their needs – not telling them what you do but asking them questions about their wants or business’ needs and providing methods to leverage their current setup.


Man and woman in an office-like setting looking at a laptop.

Talk, listen, and solve problems. Credit: Linkedin Sales Solutions on Unsplash.

2. Be Present

It’s so simple but often overlooked. By being present, we mean caring about what the person in front of you has to say, rather than caring about what you have to say to them.

The elevator pitch is, quite frankly, garbage. What same 30-second speech could you spout at every person you meet and have them be impressed with you?

An actual, genuine conversation will win every time over some memorised spiel. Spontaneous, interesting, funny, real-life, and genuine conversation!

This is how Always Be Conscious will get you to Always Be Closing.

3. Be Genuine

Sales is hard. It’s not for everyone.

Sometimes, you will find yourself banging your head against a wall wondering why you just can’t seem to get through to someone – close the deal.

But when you accept that sales is a natural part of any communication, meeting, or relationship, you learn to love it and embrace that you’re in it because you really want to help.

And those awesome moments when you connect with a client, make them feel good, and make yourself feel good will flow naturally.

Also, this should go without saying… if you don’t believe in your offering, you will struggle to make anyone else believe in it, too.


Woman smiling at another woman in an office-like setting.

That awesome moment. Credit: Amy Hirschi on Unsplash.

4. Clear Communication

You will find that when you know how you can actually help someone with your product or service, you won’t be tripping over words or repeating yourself. You’ll be able to give an obvious and relatable solution to their current or foreseeable problem.

5. Keep in Touch

It’s much easier to keep your existing clients happy than to always be in search of new ones.

This is where having strong relationships comes into play – knowing how to anticipate your clients’ needs, being available for your clients to reach you, and growing or shifting according to their needs.

Also, don’t underestimate kind gestures. When was the last time you sent or received a hand-written note instead of an email?


Close up of someone holding a 'thank you' card.

Remember these? Credit: Kushagra Kevat at Unsplash.

Always Be Closing Is Old School

The old-school ABC – Always Be Closing – just doesn’t cut it in our overloaded, hyper-informed, oversold world.

We don’t want some arrogant ‘suit’ approaching us at a friend’s birthday party offering to refinance our home loan. Instead, we want real conversations with real people offering us real solutions for our lives and businesses.

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