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If your Business doesn’t already have a Sales Playbook, Start Here. Part 1 The What

Does your company have the ultimate Sales Playbook to kick-start your sales stat?

Your Sales Playbook is your bible. It is what you show new employees and it is what you refer back to whenever you are stuck. It is the manifesto of your business and the encyclopaedia of your customer engagement.

Sounds IMMENSE…. and you’re not wrong. That’s why this is Part One of your Sales Playbook and we will be dealing with: the WHAT i.e. what your Sales Playbook should include.

Sidenote: Make your Sales Playbook digital, this way if you notice an employee having a lot of success with one particular method it’s easy to update your Playbook and circulate it to the rest of your sales team.

So WHAT goes into my BIG, FAT, SLEEK Playbook?!

Things RE: Context of your Business

  • Your business’s objectives: make these clear and concise,
  • Extension of above…your VALUES, your WHY, your GOALS,
  • Metrics: how are you going to use evaluate and measure success i.e. KPIs, sales targets, sales growth, lead conversion etc.
  • Framework of Sales timeline: step-by-step from first engagement to close of sale,
  • Objection Handling: responses that have been tried + tested,
  • Messaging: templates for emails, follow-up, phone calls i.e. this is linked to your BRAND, it is a part of who you are,
  • Buyer Persona: who is your ideal customer, what are their pain points and how does your sales approach best serve them?
  • CRM: how do people record their actions? And protocols for information sharing,
  • Career Progression: is it clear how sales people advance in your business? What targets or milestones do people have to reach in order to be promoted?
  • Commissions + Pay Scale, transparent and clear rates make for happier workers.

Things RE: Wider context; the industry at large

  • Who are your competitors? How many are there?…if you know their sales processes, include that too!
  • What is your competitive edge in the industry?
  • Wider issues that affect your industry/business, include current events, government policy etc. that you can leverage. (that’s why easily updatable digital copy is ideal),
  • Market Analysis, what is the average price point of your product/service? How do you compare?
  • Where is the Market heading in general? 2, 5,10 year projections if relevant,
  • Best Practice in your industry. What is the status-quo? And where do you fit in?

OKAY, like we said, it is IMMENSE. Next week we will be back with PART TWO: the HOW. Keep in touch as always and if you are interested in getting started on your creating your business’s ultimate Sales Playbook, Hunt and Hawk are ready when you are. Click here to check out this free Guide on How to Create the Ultimate Sales Playbook!