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Colourful graphic displaying the acronym 'AI' as part of an article about generative AI.

Meta plans on making generative AI more accessible. Much more accessible. Here’s the lowdown.

Just when you thought AI couldn’t get any more powerful… (and this is the one you really should be scared about!).

Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg has announced a move to massively boost the company’s AI infrastructure as part of plans to make generative AI available to everyone.

Unlike traditional AI which responds to simple input by producing specific outputs generative AI is not based on rules learned from pre-existing datasets and can actually produce something new.

That has big implications for a huge range of industries going forward, allowing companies to be far more creative and innovative in their use of AI than ever before.

“Today, I am bringing Meta’s two AI research efforts closer together to support our long-term goals of building general intelligence, open sourcing it responsibly, and making it available and useful to everyone in all of our daily lives,” Zuckerberg said in a personal video late last week.

“It’s become clearer that the next generation of services requires building full general intelligence,” he added.

“Building the best AI assistants, AIs for creators, AIs for businesses and more that needs advances in every area of AI, from reasoning to planning, to coding to memory, and other cognitive abilities.”


Close up of a hand holding a smartphone displaying the Threads logo against a backdrop showing the Meta logo.

Meta is threading its two AI research efforts closer together. Credit: Julio Lopez on Unsplash.

Llama3 Still in Training

As part of its plans, Meta is boosting its computer power to unprecedented levels which Zuckerberg says will be used, in part, to continue training its Llama3 large language model.

Expected to challenge OpenAI’s GPT-4, which powers popular chatbot ChatGPT, many experts predict Meta’s own Llama3 to launch in the second half of 2024.

Zuckerberg says Meta is continuing to work on new devices designed to interact with AI and the metaverse.

And we should expect to hear plenty more about generative AI in the coming months.

“This technology is so important, and the opportunities are so great, that we should open source it and make it as widely available as we responsibly can, so that way everyone can benefit,” Zuckerberg said.

The generative AI revolution is happening…


A herd of llamas against a mountainous background.

Still in training. Credit: Hector Ramon Perez on Unsplash.

Generative AI? No, Just Genuine Thinking 

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