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Man dressed in a blue suit as part of an article about hiring an amateur.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

This quote is everywhere in recruitment and is important to remember when thinking about hiring an amateur.

It was made famous by the film The Wolf of Wall Street. However, it was originally quoted by Red Adair, an American oil-well firefighter, who was a pioneer in his profession and made famous for his role in the Gulf War.


Signposts of Wall St and traffic lights against the backdrop of a building.

The well-known quote about hiring an amateur has links to this iconic street. Credit: lo lo on Unsplash.

Hiring an Amateur – What Are We Talking About?

Firstly, in the world of sales, it pays to consider this stat: In most companies, 80% of sales revenue is brought in by just 20% of sales capacity.

So, having a star performer can pay dividends. And we’ve identified three key differences between an amateur and a pro salesperson…

1. Objection Handling

Of course, would-be clients are going to be sceptical and have hesitations around purchasing decisions. It’s human nature. It’s our defence mechanism.

So, what’s the difference between an amateur and an expert salesperson in this scenario? Well, a pro will likely be better at listening to and empathising with clients, detailing solutions, and closing the sale.

2. Detecting Pain Points

These are the real or perceived problems the client has that you are providing solutions for.

A client may come to you because they think their problem is to do with inbound marketing. However, upon talking to them, you realise their problem is that they don’t have a clearly defined brand or they don’t know what their values, purpose, or goals are.

Typically, this is where a pro stands out from an amateur the former listens attentively to the client and finds out what their main challenges are. For real.


Man and woman sitting in a cafe looking at a laptop.

An expert salesperson has excellent listening and problem-solving skills. Credit: Linkedin Sales Solutions on Unsplash.

3. Articulation of Value

Articulation of value is not only about words but actions. Follow-up here is really important – this shows the customer how you will engage after the sale has been made.

A pro articulates value by responding promptly to the client, showcasing a wide understanding of the industry at large, and is a source of knowledge and value.

However, just because someone doesn’t have a huge amount of experience and a long CV, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are an amateur.

Hiring is an art. Finding the right talent to match your business’s brand and objective is a masterpiece.

Also, money is a big factor. So many people say they can’t find good talent. Sometimes, it’s worth accepting lower profits in the short term to invest in good talent and good people who will help you grow your business for the longer term.


Professionals engaging in conversation while se in discussion

Articulation of value is a strong point of a pro salesperson. Credit: Linkedin Sales Solutions on Unsplash.

Three Big Tips When Hiring a Salesperson

1. Have a clear message for your potential new recruits: Who are you? What is your brand? Why should they leave their current job to come and work for you?

2. Know what it is you’re looking for: What sort of personality would complement your existing team? What level of experience do you need? What is your capacity to train and support? What skills do you require to grow your business?

3. Have an employee-friendly recruitment process: Don’t lose a good candidate because you failed to adequately communicate with them and they took another offer while waiting for you. Be considerate of their schedule. Answer their questions. Engage with them.


Two women seated in an office-like setting along with a closeup of another person.

It’s important to adequately communicate and engage with potential candidates. Credit: Christina at on Unsplash

Sales Experts

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