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Graphic as part of an article about the power of branding.

Hunt & Hawk Co-Founder, Sonya Vanjicki, is a firm believer in the power of branding. Here, she reveals how when branding is on point and well-executed, it can catapult businesses to the front of the consumer queue.

Every business that we talk to wants to stick the landing with their branding.

So, let’s talk about simple and succinct messaging.

To hit a point here and explain the power of branding, I’m going to share a story about someone who was a ‘script doctor’. Essentially, they were paid to look at movie scripts and improve them.

Now, this script doctor was given a screenplay by a director who, at the time, no one knew.

That director was James Cameron, the now-iconic Canadian filmmaker who has famously gone on to produce a string of box-office hits.

And James Cameron said to the script doctor that the words he was about to read were about a ‘robot cop’ from the future.

You got it – that script was for The Terminator, the powerhouse sci-fi action film and franchise.


The Terminator in Madame Tussaud in London.

This calls for the script doctor. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Those Three Words…

So, this script doctor said, “I’ve read through the script, I thought it was a great story, but I had to send it back with a few notes.”

Those few notes were three small words that were added to the script.

Can you guess what those three words were?

Yep, his crucial edit was adding the words, I’ll be back.

So, for those three words, the script doctor was paid a handsome US$150,000.

That might sound like a lot for three words.

But it was a small figure considering that the original Terminator alone grossed US$78.3 million at the box office.

Would the film have ever been so successful without the famous catchphrase? Would it have turned into a franchise?

We’ll never know.

But some of its success can surely be attributed to those three words – I’ll be back.


Unidentified script open.

Among a sea of words, just three had a serious impact. Credit: Aung Soe Min on Unsplash.

Things Come in Threes

Speaking of three-word slogans, let’s look at one of the best examples out there: Nike’s.

I’m sure you know what three words are synonymous with Nike: Just do it.

As an identity, these three words come across as the coach or the drill sergeant, or Mum and Dad egging you on, or your best friend daring you to jump off the cliff – into the water… somewhere safe!

There are so many ideas around actions speaking louder than words and the idea that a sudden moment can completely change your life.

So, there’s big, powerful ideas in these three little words. And the voice that you hear makes you believe that anything is possible.

If we look at the ecosystem that Nike is playing in, there are many brands that are part of the same ‘soup’, effectively.

But it’s the identity, the voice, and the brand that makes something memorable.

That’s why Nike stands out.

What does it look like to do ‘the same thing as everyone else’ but find a brand that speaks powerfully to people?

Well, for Nike, it looks like US$37 billion in turnover and 42% market share.

Now, with all the other shoe brands out there, they’re actually sharing the other 58%.

There’s the power of branding right there.


Pairs of Nike shoes against a black backdrop.

Nike demonstrates the power of branding. Credit: Fachry Zella Devandra on Unsplash.

Everyday Speak

So, it’s no secret that creative rocks marketing.

That’s what makes great marketing and what allows you the ability to stick the landing.

There are plenty of other household brands with catchy slogans. Just to name a few, we have:

  • Kit Kat: Have a break, have a Kit Kat.
  • Apple: Think different.
  • McDonald’s: I’m lovin’ it.

That’s the succinct bit.

But the simple part that I really want to stress is that all these words are in our vernacular.

They’re simple, they’re believable, and they’re so easy to embrace.


Unopened KitKat confection against a wooden background.

You know what to do. Credit: Justin on Unsplash.

The Power of Branding – With Expert Guidance

Now, it’s not easy simplifying the complex.

As the well-known quote from famous American writer, Mark Twain, goes: ‘I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.’

Put simply, it’s really difficult saying more with less.

However, it’s possible if you get the right people to do it.

That’s where the talented team at Hunt & Hawk comes in. We’ll help you unlock the power of branding and stick the landing.

Contact us at or book a meeting to chat.

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