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Head Hawk // Co-Founder, CMO

After 20 years in the industry, Sonya’s developed a sixth sense for choosing the right messaging, branding, and positioning to bring purpose and pleasure to companies around the world. She combines theory and tech to harmonise and enhance brand experiences across all touch-points. With a background in online gaming, development, digital design, government, legal, SaaS, ecommerce and finance, Sonya is admired for her expertise in digital […]

Head Hunter // Co-Founder, CSO

His expertise in digital marketing is complemented by his ability to dive deep and understand what makes people tick.

Client Success Superstar

Marie is passionate about people and will go above and beyond to ensure you have the greatest client experience.

Content Champion

Jay is the man for brand story and direct response copywriting.

Creative Dictator

An award-winning creative director & videographer heading up our graphic design, corporate video and app development projects.

Commercial Director

Nathen is the man for all things related to the commercial industry of professional services organisations, with particular expertise within the dentistry & medical industries.