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People bumping fists in an office setting as part of an article about teamwork.

Teamwork is the cornerstone of humanity’s greatest achievements.

From the French Revolution to the invention of Penicillin, the most powerful way to change the world is to work together.

When you have a dysfunctional team, it can be critically damaging for a business.

So, how do you make a dysfunctional team functional?

Let’s find out…


The word 'teamwork' spelled out with Scrabble letters.

It’s all about teamwork. Credit: Nick Fewings on Unsplash.

Creating Teamwork in Five Easy Steps

Remember, the way your team works is a reflection of how your business works. So, consider the following:

1. Leadership

A good team needs a good leader. This isn’t the same as being the most well-liked leader, but it does mean gaining respect and trust.

Too often, managers are worried about being liked, and this results in poor leadership.

Essentially, employees want to be managed well. If this means having to take a hard-but-fair stance at times, then do so.

Your team will have greater respect for you in the long run and take pride in working in a well-managed, sustainable environment.

2. Goals

Does your team know what the end goal is? Where do you see your company – and your team – in the next three, five, or 10 years?

Often, teams fall apart because not everyone is running in the same direction.

So, ensure your entire team has a thorough understanding of the business’ goals – short and long term – and other metrics.

Additionally, check-in with your team – at least every quarter – and give employees clear expectations about where they’re heading. Be sure to provide positive reinforcement if their work is meeting the expectations of the company. If it’s not, give constructive feedback that empowers employees to improve.


Woman and man writing on a whiteboard.

Does your team know its purpose? Credit: Kaleidico on Unsplash.

3. Values

Make sure your values are clear and that your team is aware of them and living and breathing them.

Clearly identifiable values can go a long way to enhancing teamwork by building a strong workplace culture.

As a leader, ensure you’re following these values – setting the example for the rest of the team.

4. Roles and Accountability

Another helpful way of amplifying teamwork is to make sure all employees are aware of their roles and how they contribute to the overarching purpose of the business. It’s a simple tip but one that is too often overlooked.

Quite simply, people want to feel like they are making a positive impact.

That being said, keep staff accountable when they’re not performing to the necessary standard. It is disheartening for the rest of a team to witness subpar outcomes not being held to account and, conversely, excellent output going unacknowledged.

5. Time and Resources

Your company’s talent is your most valuable resource. So, don’t waste the time of your top talent in unnecessary meetings or micro-management. Everyone is busy, so use employees’ time respectfully.

Give your staff the tools they need to succeed – it’s vital for enhancing teamwork. These can be tangibles, such as materials, programs, or professional development or non-tangibles like contacts, information, flexible work hours, or access to the decision-making process. The list goes on.

These are only some of many tips for enhancing teamwork.

Essentially, it’s about investing in your team, whether you’re all on-shore or working with a mix of on-shore and offshore team members. And that means investing your time, effort, trust, and respect.

Remember, any business is only as good as the people who work in it.


Group of women smiling in an office setting.

Teamwork develops when you invest in your people. Credit: Brooke Cagle on Unsplash.

The Dream Team

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