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Eagle with wings out standing on a ledge to explain the chicken and the eagle concept.

The text you are about to read is a (slightly modified) extract from Prince Ea’s The Eagle Story.

The motivational video is focused on a yarn about the chicken and the eagle. And it’s told along these lines…

One of my favourite stories is about a man walking down a path who finds an eagle’s egg. He takes this egg and puts it into the nest of a backyard hen.

Pretty soon, the eagle hatches with the chicks and grows up with them. All his life that eagle did what the chickens did. He’d cluck around the backyard, poke around in the dirt looking for worms and insects to eat, and he would fly a few feet into the air like chickens do.

As time passed, that eagle grew very old, and one day he saw something above him. This thing glided gracefully and majestically through the cloud. “What’s that?” the eagle said.

“Oh that? That’s an eagle,” one chicken responds. “He is the king of all birds, the master of the skies. But we belong to the ground because we are just chickens. Don’t worry about him, you will never be that.”

And that eagle lived and died a chicken because that is what he thought he was.


Eagle soaring against the backdrop of a blue sky.

In the story of the chicken and the eagle, will you soar high? Credit: Rachel McDermott on Unsplash.

The Chicken and the Eagle What Are You?

This year, it’s time to take flight. You and I both know that you don’t belong where you are right now. You don’t belong with some of the people you’re around right now. You’ve got no business doing what you’re doing right now. You’re being a chicken when you were born an eagle.

So the question is: How long’s it going to take to make the decision? To make the shift? And show some courage, show some character?

Are you going to say you want to do something? Do it for two weeks and then quit like you did last year, like you did the year before last? You say you want to lose weight, get in shape, get your business off the ground, get closer to God and then turn around and party, get lit, drink alcohol, eat like crap, and continue to live below who you were created to be, thereby committing the greatest sin known to man.

I’m not religious, but I’m going to take you to church. The word ‘sin’ comes from the Greek word, sin, used in archery. It means to miss your mark. The greatest sin in life is to miss your mark to not be whom you were created to be, to be a chicken instead of an eagle.


Man with bow taking aim at an archery target.

Will you hit the mark? Credit: Vince Fleming on Unsplash.

The Story of Icarus

I don’t know if you guys remember the story of Icarus. A lot of people remember this guy who had his wings made out of wax. His father cautioned him not to fly too high or the sun will melt your wings, and what happened is Icarus’ arrogance caused him to fly too high, the sun melted his wings and [clap hands] boom, fell to the earth, dead.

But that’s not the full story. Most people don’t know there was more to it.

Icarus’ father also cautioned him against flying too low. He said, “Don’t fly too close to the sea or your weight will cause you to plummet to the water.”

We all know not to be too arrogant, well most of us, but how many of us know not to be too humble, too meek, too timid, too shy, and too safe?

It is said that the greatest tragedy in life is not that people aim too high and miss, it is that people aim too low and hit.


Bird flying over the sea.

Don’t fly too low, Icarus’ father warned.

Let’s Soar High

If we had our way, the story of the chicken and the eagle would be the story of the chicken and the hawk. But the same premise applies – we should aim to soar high. 

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