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Woman in front of a computer looking stressed - as we reveal why accountants need a CRM in their lives.

Here is a compelling case as to why accountants need a CRM in their lives. 

Most accounting firms deal with tons of software on a daily basis.

All of it helps accountants manage and organise numbers and client data – at least in theory.

Yet whatever the case, rarely does any of the software assist ‘number crunchers’ with looking after their clients.

Which is why accountants need a CRM in their lives.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is technology that streamlines and automates the manual processes of customer service.

Therefore, it frees up time and allows accountants to focus their attention on creating more personalised experiences for their clients.

If clients are nurtured, loyalty becomes a no-brainer for them – aka customer retention.

While not all CRM tools are created specifically for accountants, the technology is supremely beneficial.

Here are three key reasons why accountants need a CRM in their lives.


Two men sitting at a desk looking at a notepad.

Gone are the old days of doing business. Credit: Scott Graham on Unsplash.

1. Better Centralised Client Info Management

Accounting firms will typically have multiple clients at a time, each with varying customer journeys.

With a CRM in place, accountants can store data and numbers in one centralised area.

Whether it’s leads, referrals, partners, or clients, everything is super organised. And that information can be accessed easily at any time.

2. Faster Follow-Ups and Closing of Leads and Referrals

Do you lose track of your lead stages and follow-ups? A CRM tool can help you avoid this.

The software helps with streamlining and automating tasks, so that you can stay on top of every lead’s progress regardless of the stage they’re at.

With multiple prospects going through the same sales cycle at a time, you will be able to keep your pipeline under control. You can see exactly where they are or where they’re stuck, and if needed, you can give them a nudge and close them faster.

Aside from this, integrating your accounting software or entire tech stack with a CRM can improve your accounting firm’s productivity and increase efficiency.

3. Stronger Marketing Campaigns

Accounting firms need a CRM to improve their marketing campaigns.

A CRM tool will help automate email campaigns where teams can set triggers to send out automatic responses or create tasks, like assigning someone to call a lead and creating a deadline for it.


HubSpot homepage displayed on a computer monitor.

CRM software – it can change an accountant’s life.

Why Accountants Need a CRM in Their Lives – Where to Start

These are just a few reasons why accountants need a CRM in their lives. Need more convincing? Or do you need help with implementing a CRM into your business?

At Hunt & Hawk, we’re CRM experts – from choosing the right CRM for your business to implementing the technology and getting the best return on your investment.

Reach out to us and we’ll show you how we can help you.