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Experiential marketing is a powerful way to connect with customers, but these campaigns must be executed to perfection. Here are several brands that have nailed the tactic.

Becoming unforgettable.

As brands, it’s something we crave deeply.

We all want our customers to remember us. Being memorable is priceless

So, it’s no wonder that experiential marketing is on the rise.

This strategy is fast becoming the heartbeat of modern brand engagement – forging invaluable connections between consumers and brands.

In fact, there are several iconic names that have leveraged the power of experiential marketing.


Two Heineken beer bottle tops placed upright on crushed ice.

This brewing behemoth found a clever way to connect with its audience. More below. Credit: Michael Carrasco Flores on Unsplash.

What Is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is a dynamic strategy that goes beyond traditional advertising methods.

It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about creating an immersive experience that resonates with individuals on a profound level.

The tactic invites consumers to actively participate in events, activations, or installations, thereby forming tangible and memorable connections with a brand.

The purpose is to create long-lasting, positive memories that enable the connection to remain well after the experience has ended.

The brands below all hit the brief and are among some of our favourite experiential marketing examples.

Jacquemus – Saint-Tropez Beach

French fashion house, Jacquemus, is among the names leading the charge in experiential marketing.

Last year, the brand unveiled a Jacquemus-branded beach – complete with citrus-coloured sunbeds and parasols – at the famous French Riviera coastal town of Saint-Tropez.

This activation debuted at the beginning of the European summer, strategically coinciding with the opening of Jacquemus’ new boutique in the area.

The immersive experience didn’t end at the beach; inside the boutique, shoppers were greeted with the perfect beach attire to complement the campaign’s summery vibes.

The seamless integration of the beach experience with the boutique not only showcased Jacquemus’ commitment to creating memorable brand experiences but also amplified the brand’s presence in an epic manner.

Jacquemus’ knack for experiential marketing isn’t just about selling clothes; it’s about creating memories.

So, its Saint-Tropez beach takeover wasn’t just about lounging under branded parasols; it was about immersing customers in the Jacquemus lifestyle.

It’s this dedication to crafting unforgettable experiences that sets Jacquemus apart in the fashion world, forcing competing brands to think even more creatively about how they engage with their audiences.


Rows of yellow umbrellas lined on the sand as part of the Jacquemus-branded beach at Saint-Tropez.

The Jacquemus-branded beach took over Saint-Tropez. Credit: Jacquemus.

Subway – ‘Feel Good’ Campaign

In 2021, powerhouse fast food brand, Subway, positioned a colossal nine-metre-long sandwich float down the Brisbane River.

This attention-grabbing spectacle generated significant press coverage in Brisbane and beyond and sparked plenty of organic conversation on social media.

The activity prompted the global brand to ask its audience, “where to next?” — and soon enough the giant sub was touring other Australian capital cities.

With its unconventional approach, Subway successfully engaged audiences and added priceless personality to its brand.


A giant Subway sandwich float pictured on the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Not your everyday sight on the Brisbane River. Credit: Subway Australia.

Sprite Refreshment

Recently, leading soft drink brand, Sprite, took experiential marketing to the beach.

By installing a larger-than-life Sprite can on the roof of bus shelters in the popular seaside suburbs of Bondi in Sydney and St Kilda in Melbourne, it cleverly integrated its brand message of ‘heat happens, stay cool’.

An interactive mist button prompting passersby to ‘press to refresh’ added an element of fun, enticing beachgoers to actively engage with the brand.


Unidentified bus stop with a Sprite can on its top spraying out mist.

Sprite cleverly integrated its brand message of ‘heat happens, stay cool’. Credit: JCDecaux Australia.

Heineken 0.0 Barriers

Imagine paying tolls with beer? That’s exactly what brewing giant, Heineken, managed to execute in Brazil.

By transforming its products into payment methods, the Dutch multinational turned the pain of forking out for toll roads into exciting brand touchpoints.

Motorists were able to gain entry through toll booths by simply scanning the barcodes on Heineken beer bottles and cans.

This innovative campaign not only garnered mass attention but also earned recognition, winning a prestigious Silver Cannes Lion award last year.


Adidas x Bad Bunny at Coachella

Athletic apparel and footwear giant, Adidas, teamed up with Puerto Rican rap superstar, Bad Bunny, to create a seriously cool, immersive pop-up experience at the 2023 edition of the iconic US annual music and arts festival, Coachella. 

With a stunning 50,000-piece floral installation and exclusive sneaker releases, Adidas captivated festival-goers and transformed the Californian desert landscape into a snap-worthy, vibrant celebration of creativity and culture.


Close up of the Adidas and Bad Bunny collaboration at Coachella in 2023.

Adidas was in full bloom for its Bad Bunny collab at Coachella. Credit:

Neutrogena Sun Safety

Cosmetics giant, Neutrogena, took a creative approach to sun safety at the recent Carnaval na Cidade in Sao Paulo, Brazil by providing festival-goers with sunscreen backpacks.

This simple yet effective tactic not only promoted its sunscreen products but also delivered an important message in a fun and engaging manner.

The experiential marketing activation garnered widespread attention on platforms like TikTok, where it amassed upwards of 900,000 likes and more than 12 million views.

Check out the TikTok video.


Close up of a hand holding a bottle of Neutrogena water gel against a backdrop of blue sky.

Experiential marketing is a lot more effective than posting a social pic like this. Credit: Arthur Pereira on Unsplash.

‘Last Seen’ Exhibition

The 2023 ‘Last Seen’ exhibition, conducted by the Queensland Eye Institute, exemplified the profound impact of experiential marketing beyond commercial endeavours.

By pairing vision-impaired Australians with artists and composers to depict their cherished visual memories, this exhibition transcended traditional marketing to create a meaningful and poignant experience that supported a noble cause.


Bluey x Bunnings – Hammerbarn Takeover

Here’s one for the young family market…

Globally recognised animated TV series, Bluey, and the mega home improvement and hardware store chain, Bunnings, combined for a hugely popular experiential marketing activation in February this year.

Six Bunnings stores around Australia and one in New Zealand were rebranded as ‘Hammerbarn’ – a nod to the Bluey episode of the same name.

The takeover included free DIY workshops (which quickly sold out), limited-edition Bluey merch, and even trolleys featuring the Hammerbarn logo.

It was a genius move from two iconic Australian brands, creating mass media hype that stretched across the globe and – at least according to initial reports – significantly increased foot traffic at the participating Bunnings stores. Wackadoo!


Exterior of the Bunnings hardware store in the Brisbane suburb of Keperra with the Hammerbarn name and logo.

For real life: Bunnings turned Hammerbarn in the Brisbane suburb of Keperra – the store which the Bluey episode was based on. Credit: BBC.

Experiential Marketing – Summary

These featured brands, which cover a diverse array of products and services, demonstrate the immense impact of experiential marketing – at least when it’s well-executed.

These examples serve as a reminder that marketing extends far beyond just selling products, but rather creating experiences that resonate with audiences on a deeper level.

And the options for creating a buzz are endless.


Person holding an ATM card against a card reader.

It’s not just about this. Credit: Nathana Reboucas on Unsplash.

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