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If You Run a Professional Services Business, Here’s How We Fit In

Marketing for professional services is no easy task. You know what you’re doing … we’re not going to tell you what financial advice to give your clients, the market value of a property or how best to balance the books … but what about everything else that drives your business and gets clients through the door?

Let’s talk about Marketing for professional services

Is your marketing automated? Outsourced? Working like a dream?

If you answered “no” to one of those, then maybe you need one of us to come in and shake things up – i.e. sort your shit out. According to Venture Harbour 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for three or more years (2017). We can help you take a look behind the scenes of your website/social media and make sure everything is running smoothly, we know how to get potential clients smoothly sailing down your nurture streams.

What’s the hand-over like between marketing and sales?

If you answered anything other than, “bloody brilliant, clear cut and highly efficient” – time to take a look under the hood. This is particularly pertinent in B2B; potential clients come with a clearer idea of what services they need and a set of questions they need answering. Also timing is everything… knowing when to when and how to convert is key – only about 22% of businesses are happy with their conversion rates, so probably time to look at strategy (Econsultancy, 2016).

Where is your business going to be in One year? Two years? Five years?

Without a plan, you have no roadmap to success. We are here to help you define your purpose, outline your goals and of course smash those goals/targets!! We are here to help you understand your potential and work out what to do with it. An article by the Harvard Business Review notes it is actually easier to achieve your goals when you are not alone when you have others supporting you and people who are not necessarily as involved as you (2015). Get us on board, we know about ambitious goal setting and we’re sure as hell committed to helping you achieve them.

How about the team?…could they use a little MOTIVATION, SALES WIZARDRY?

We understand your team are your number one allies – we don’t want to do anything to rock the boat. We have a stealth and smooth fly-on-the-wall approach or a blind-shopper strategy so we can take a look at what’s really happening, diagnose what could be better and deliver it all in a respectful, engaging, hands-on way. At the end of the day we want to bring some smiles and laughter to the workplace too.

If all this sounds like something that could make your business fly off the blocks, get in touch for a no-strings-attached, totally free-of-charge growth session with a Hunt and Hawk business superstar today.