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Marketing for professional services is no easy task, especially if you’re trying to run a business at the same time. That’s where you need expert help…

We’re going to make an assumption that you’re good at what you do. Great even.

But does the world know this?

Or at least the world that’s important to you – your target audience?

We’re not here to tell you what financial advice to give to your clients, the market value of a property, or how best to balance the books…

But what about everything else that drives your business and gets clients through the door?

What we are here to talk to you about is effective marketing for professional services.

Below are some key pain points for small businesses in this sector and an overview of how we can provide tangible solutions.


Two women interacting in front of a sit-stand desk.

We’ll leave the client work to you, the experts. Credit: Linkedin Sales Solutions on Unsplash.

Marketing Automation

Are you spending far too much time completing manual tasks?

In other words, how much of your marketing is automated?

Marketing automation usually implemented through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems  is a no-brainer for businesses today.

Beyond assisting with your CRM setup (note: we are strong HubSpot advocates), Hunt & Hawk can evaluate your website and implement marketing and social media strategies that drive genuine results.


A computer monitor displaying the HubSpot homepage.

We’re big fans of HubSpot.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

What’s the handover like between your marketing and sales teams?

If the two parties require alignment, it might be time to bring in outside assistance (hint: that’s us!).

This is particularly pertinent for B2B businesses.

With potential B2B clients, they often have a clearer idea of what services they want and questions they need answering compared to their B2C counterparts – meaning a clear pathway to conversion is critical.

Also, timing is everything: knowing when and how to convert is key.

We have vast experience in these areas and can help to streamline your processes.


Person gesturing in a meeting setting with a laptop in front of them.

Are your sales and marketing teams aligned? Credit: Headway on Unsplash.

Business Plan

Where is your business going to be in one year? Two years? Ten years?

Without a solid plan, you have no roadmap to success.

Hunt & Hawk can help you to define your purpose, outline your goals, and smash those targets.

We’ll work with you to understand your potential and how to best leverage it.

Often, it is easier to achieve your goals when you have outside support from those who are not as ingrained in the business as you are.

We’ll take a look at your organisation through a different lens – one that is likely to be less blinkered and more objective – and suggest ambitious goal setting that we’ll be committed to helping you achieve.


Woman and man writing on a whiteboard.

Marketing for professional services means having a solid plan. It’s essential to creating success. Credit: Kaleidico on Unsplash.

Sales Wizardry

How is your sales team performing? Could they use a touch of motivational sales wizardry?

We understand that your sales team is your number one ally and we don’t want to do anything to rock the boat.

Hunt & Hawk has a stealth and smooth, fly-on-the-wall approach or a ‘blind-shopper’ strategy. This means we take a look at what’s really happening, diagnose what could be better, and share our insights in a respectful, engaging, hands-on way.

We’re all about helping to strengthen your workplace culture and processes and drive better results for your business.


Close up of two people in front of laptops looking at printed notes.

We’ll share our insights in a respectful way. Credit: Scott Graham on Unsplash.

Marketing for Professional Services

At Hunt & Hawk, we are experts at marketing for professional services – with experienced and talented staff on hand at every touchpoint.

Better yet, our marketing, branding, and sales support is tailored to your needs.

If you’re looking for marketing support that genuinely delivers outstanding results for your organisation, get in touch with us today.

How would you like to interact with us?

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