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For Rod Stead, General Manager at GI Building Sciences (GIBS), bold marketing with Hunt & Hawk grew his sales 10x – and made his company a fortune. Here’s how…

As manufacturers of green building insulation, GIBS entered the COVID-19 pandemic concerned that growth might be out of reach.

After mixed success with past marketing and sales efforts, it had no accountability, visibility, or strategy – or the tech to tie it all together.

The company was flying blind, straight into a pandemic storm.

“We had great products, but we’d lost great marketing,” said Rod.

“We weren’t hitting targets because we didn’t have any to aim for. I couldn’t afford to lose any more sleep – or sales – so we decided to take action.”

At a time when most businesses had to shrink, Rod saw things differently.

It was time to stretch.


Computer monitor displaying the GI Building Services website homepage.

GIBS recorded a sharp spike in sales after engaging Hunt & Hawk.

Two Steps Forward, One Leap Ahead

Rod always knew marketing could make all the difference.

GIBS started with a couple of in-house marketing people, and then engaged an agency. Both started strong and delivered some results. But over time, the service quality dropped – and so did sales.

GIBS had tried a couple of CRMs along the way, but nothing hit the mark. Functionality was limited. Staff hated the clunky systems. And nobody implemented proper processes.

But Rod believed in the power of bold marketing.

“I wanted to supercharge our sales and knew we could do it through strategic, consistent marketing,” he said.

“We needed a tech solution to put marketing in the driver’s seat – and keep our eyes on the road.”


Person using a laptop that's showing marketing analytics.

The results started strongly with an agency, but the honeymoon didn’t last. Credit: Myriam Jessier on Unsplash.

Hunting the Hawk

Rod knew that HubSpot was likely the best tool, but he needed the expertise to run it. He wanted a team he could trust and partner with long-term.

He wanted help to dream big and wanted the results to match.

That’s when Rod found Hunt & Hawk. 

A personal contact at EO, a private network for high-gross entrepreneurs, told Rod about working with Hunt & Hawk, which had helped him make tens of millions of dollars.

It was the introduction Rod needed.

“We saw (Hunt & Hawk co-founder) Ryan’s track record with HubSpot and found out he was on their advisory board. I knew Hunt & Hawk were the people to trust,” he said.


A computer monitor displaying the HubSpot homepage.

HubSpot. A leader in its field.

Marketing Collaboration With the Gloves Off

GIBS saw an immediate impact with Hunt & Hawk.

Ryan Devlin cleaned up its old, messy data and stripped its systems back to basics. He then built clear processes with training and documentation to match.

GIBS now has the foundation to grow – and the tools to deliver.

“It’s incredible. Our staff used to hate it when we introduced new systems, but with HubSpot, they can’t live without it,” Rod said.

“New starters onboard with it, so HubSpot’s part of their workflow from day one.”

HubSpot’s functionality – paired with Hunt & Hawk’s collaboration – blew GIBS away.

From email sequences and nurturing leads, to performance management and financial reporting, the business runs everything from one integrated system.

And because of HubSpot’s visibility, Rod’s sales reps are more accountable – with big results to match.

“When Ryan came in, it was like having a national sales manager. We went from having no marketing staff, to having strategic marketing campaigns aligned with our sales targets, a calendar for the year, and clear accountability,” Rod said.


A working light bulb shining against a blurred background.

Hunt & Hawk co-founder, Ryan Devlin, was a shining light for GIBS. Credit: Johannes Plenio on Unsplash.

Small Inputs, Big Sales

Since working with Hunt & Hawk, GIBS has seen 770% more qualified leads and closed 837% more deals – in just 14 months.

“Hunt & Hawk dared us to play big with our marketing, and it paid big. We’re punching way above our weight and the industry is taking notice,” Rod said.

They’re the supercharged sales of Rod’s dreams.  And beyond the raw numbers – and skyrocketing sales – Rod’s enjoying the benefits that flow from playing big.

He no longer loses sleep over lack of systems – or over-reliance on people. Because if a team member decides to leave, they won’t take GIBS’ marketing tools with them.

With sales booming, Rod’s finding more time to stretch himself outside of work.

Despite being scared of heights, he’s learning to fly and hopes stepping out of his comfort zone inspires his team to do the same.

“If you don’t stretch yourself, you shrink,” he said.

“I want my staff to see me taking risks and know they can do the same.”


Image of a hawk with the wording Hunt + Hawk.

Come and soar with us!

Dare to Grow

Before Hunt & Hawk, Rod had been burnt by agencies that over-promised and under-delivered.

He’d been burnt by marketing staff who took their knowledge with them when they left.

But when Rod engaged Hunt & Hawk to use the right tools with the right approach, GIBS had hot leads that grew sales astronomically.

Sometimes the bold leader sticks to a vision – and sticks the landing – during turbulent times.

Because fortune favours the bold.

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