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ChatGPT homepage displayed on a laptop as part of an article about Wikipedia's most-viewed articles in 2023.

When the most popular English Wikipedia articles for 2023 were announced, a clear winner emerged…

It might not create the level of buzz reserved for Spotify Wrapped, but Wikimedia Foundation’s annual top 25 list of the most-viewed articles on English Wikipedia still holds plenty of interest.

After all, the leading online encyclopedia pulls startling numbers to its pages.

And so was the case again this year when Wikimedia Foundation shared its most popular articles list on 5 December.

Any guesses as to what subject matter topped the online encyclopedia’s most-viewed list?

That would be ChatGPT.

The article dedicated to OpenAI’s controversial chatbot has garnered a whopping 50 million page views this year.

Well, 49,490,406, to be exact.


ChatGPT homepage displayed on a computer screen.

The name that’s getting all the attention. Credit: Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash.

Wikipedia Numbers Hardly a Surprise

That level of interest is hardly surprising given the hype that has surrounded ChatGPT since it burst onto the scene just over a year ago.

And what a 12-month period it’s been for the AI tool.

ChatGPT has shot itself into the public consciousness to stake its claim as the most-talked about tech advancement in years.

It’s also been one of the most polarising – offering equal doses of delight and fright – impacting a huge range of industries from education to the arts.

And let’s not forget the recent drama surrounding the sacking of OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman – who famously co-founded the organisation – followed by his swift reinstatement.

As debate continues to rage about the potential dangers of generative AI, the discussion shows no signs of slowing down.

While ChatGPT celebrated its first birthday, Google did its best to quieten the celebrations by announcing the release of Gemini – its large language model with multimodal capabilities that the tech giant is integrating into its own chatbot, Bard.

Google has boldly declared that a Gemini-powered Bard has the ability to outperform ChatGPT, although that claim comes with caveats.

Whatever the case, as we reflect on a year in which ChatGPT and generative AI dominated the headlines – and provided us with a wild ride in the process – we can expect the trend to continue in 2024 and beyond.

Interestingly, ‘Deaths in 2023’ was the second most-viewed article on Wikipedia’s most-read list.

Makes you wonder, considering the various predictions that ChatGPT would ‘kill off’ a bunch of professions and industries at the time of its release.

See the complete Wikipedia top 25 list here.


Laptop displaying a Wikipedia page about Wikipedia.

Wikipedia pulls a huge amount of online traffic. Credit: Oberon Copeland at on Unsplash.

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