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Graphic featuring the Spotify logo as part of an article about Spotify Wrapped.

It’s that time of year for Spotify Wrapped lists to be plastered all over our social feeds. The clever, much-hyped annual marketing campaign is a reminder that data can be enjoyed.

“Did you analyse the data?”

How many times do you think that phrase is uttered in workplaces every day?

There’s no denying that various marketing tools provide us with access to a huge array of data points.

But marketing is also supposed to be fun, which is why the annual Spotify Wrapped campaign has proved so popular since it first launched in 2016.

We always hear about how major corporations are harvesting our data.

But when it comes to sharing our favourite bands and songs, Spotify – the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service – has made sharing data a collective artform.


Open laptop displaying the Spotify website.

Spotify Wrapped has been a huge success since its inception. Credit: Pankaj Patel on Unsplash.

Spotify Wrapped Swiftly Gains Attention

More than 156 million users engaged with Spotify’s simple but hugely effective Wrapped in 2022 with more than 60 million stories and graphics already shared since 1 December this time around.

Why? Because it’s personal data presented in a shareable way that ties into a shared collective experience.

Some of Spotify’s 2023 data is fairly predictable like Taylor Swift being the most-streamed artist once again this year while some of it, like Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny having the most-streamed album, is perhaps not what we expected.

And judging by some commentary about Spotify Wrapped, there’s a case to suggest the reporting isn’t always entirely accurate – even though it should be, of course, just raw data.

But in presenting it all in a creative, easy-to-follow format, Spotify reminds us all that data isn’t always just number-crunching it can also be about sharing something that’s personal and fun.

Analysing data like when and where to reach your audience, the optimal time to target them, and what sort of results your campaigns are driving will always play a key role in marketing.

And as much as we’re all trying to sell a product or service and Spotify is, after all, trying to encourage users to consume music on their platform seeing everyone’s Spotify Wrapped lists blasted across social media is also a reminder that no data often means no decision when it comes to the buying process.


Smartphone displaying the cover of Taylor Swift's Red album.

Taylor Swift the most-streamed artist – who saw that coming?! Credit: Omid Armin on Unsplash.

Spotting Success

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