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Japanese technology is the best.  Sometimes quirky but always so innovative. We particularly love the innovations that are eco-friendly and/or socially responsible. A prime example is the country’s super funky underground bike parking stations. Recently, we featured new tech coming out of Melbourne to help prevent e-scooter misuse and other issues. But this has nothing on Japan’s bike-related tech. And we’re talking about an innovation that’s been around for a decade. Bicycle

Hawk-Eye tech has had a profound impact on professional tennis. Is it all good news, though? “You cannot be serious!” If John McEnroe was still playing today, he’d be yelling at a computer system. That’s because Hawk-Eye has completely changed the way we watch professional tennis. When Novak Djokovic won his fourth US Open crown with a straight sets win over Daniil Medvedev on Monday morning – Ajde Nole! –

Do you do your most innovative work over Zoom calls, or when you're collaborating with colleagues face to face? That’s a question plenty of Zoom staff have been asking after audio leaked of their chief executive, Eric Yuan, requesting employees to return to the office at least two days a week. “Quite often, you come up with great ideas, but when you are all on Zoom, it’s really

E-scooters. They’re a polarising invention. Or more accurately at least, some of its users – yes, just some – are often maligned for their nuisance value. But that might all change if an e-scooter tech advancement rolled out by the City of Melbourne gathers speed. As reported by The Guardian, 25 Lime e-scooters have just hit the streets of the Victorian capital, equipped with advanced camera and GPS functionality that

Is the average human so boring that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could one day turn on us and take control? That’s what the founder and chief executive of one London-based tech company believes. Speaking to the British Broadcasting Corporation last month, Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque said he believes the tech will one day deem humans “so boring” it will simply rise up and overthrow humanity. “The worst-case scenario is

Suborbital flights linking Sydney to London in a mere two hours might be closer than we think. It sounds like a dream… but you may want to read up on the side effects before you reach for your wallet. A recent report funded by Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) suggests suborbital flights could be less than a decade away, slashing long-haul flying times and paving the way for

Hands up if you’re scrolling through your phone right now while sitting on the loo? If so, you’ll appreciate this read even more. As you may know, Japan is famous for its toilets, with funky tech innovations like seat warming and deoderisation available at the press of a button. So, it’s fitting that another revolutionary bathroom-based invention has arisen from the Land of the Rising Sun.   Wash Your Hands and