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Spotify Playlist has dropped in Australia and the United Kingdom. Here's what the AI-driven feature delivers. “Let’s take a listen to what’s up next!” Have you had a smooth-sounding American voice booming through your Sonos speakers over the past 12 months? You’re not alone. It’s been just over a year since Spotify launched its AI-driven DJ to Spotify Premium users across the world, and it’s safe to say the move

India's largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer chose April Fool's Day to unveil a prototype of its autonomous scooter, but the advanced vehicle is far from a joke. Welcome to the world of self-driving scooters. Ok, so that’s not quite the reality just yet, but Ola Electric has given us a glimpse into a future where autonomous scooters are the norm. Funnily enough, India's leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer decided to unveil a

Sick of illegally parked cars adding more minutes to your commute? This Chinese tech might provide the solution. We’ve all experienced it… Car is parked illegally during peak hour – traffic jam worsens. Car is clamped – traffic jam still happening. Car is towed away – traffic jam amplifies even more, then takes ages to be ‘unjammed’. Of course, this scenario always happens when you have that thing that you absolutely

Is a humanoid robot the next major AI innovation? A bunch of major tech investors are literally banking on it. “Hasta la vista, baby!” In the ‘90s, we all just thought it was the Terminator’s coolest line. But if some of the biggest names in tech have their way, we could soon actually be interacting with human-like robots. That’s because Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Silicon Valley firm NVIDIA, and a

Brian Eno's Turntable II has just been released. It's pretty darn epic, but mind the hefty price tag. Is this the coolest turntable ever? Brian Eno has always been a pioneer. Art-school educated, multi-instrumentalist, and pretty much the sole inventor of ambient music. So, it was no surprise when Eno released a super-limited, highly collectable vinyl turntable in 2021. That edition was released in an exclusive run of just 50 –

The hype around the appearance of Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl is extraordinary. But we think there's another off-field development that's worth getting excited about, too. Each February, the buzz leading up to the Super Bowl reaches astronomical levels. There's hype around the halftime show. Big-budget commercials. And, somewhere among it all, the actual football game itself. But the atmosphere in the build-up to the 2024 NFL decider

It appears that transparent TVs are increasingly likely to hit the consumer market – but do we really want this tech innovation? It’s an interesting juxtaposition. Amid the hype and demand for televisions bigger and brighter than previous models, contrastingly, there’s also an apparent thirst for TVs that are inconspicuous. At least that’s the vibe from CES 2024, the mega trade show held in Las Vegas earlier this month.