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Spotify Playlist has dropped in Australia and the United Kingdom. Here's what the AI-driven feature delivers. “Let’s take a listen to what’s up next!” Have you had a smooth-sounding American voice booming through your Sonos speakers over the past 12 months? You’re not alone. It’s been just over a year since Spotify launched its AI-driven DJ to Spotify Premium users across the world, and it’s safe to say the move

Is a humanoid robot the next major AI innovation? A bunch of major tech investors are literally banking on it. “Hasta la vista, baby!” In the ‘90s, we all just thought it was the Terminator’s coolest line. But if some of the biggest names in tech have their way, we could soon actually be interacting with human-like robots. That’s because Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Silicon Valley firm NVIDIA, and a

Meta plans on making generative AI more accessible. Much more accessible. Here's the lowdown. Just when you thought AI couldn’t get any more powerful… (and this is the one you really should be scared about!). Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg has announced a move to massively boost the company’s AI infrastructure as part of plans to make generative AI available to everyone. Unlike traditional AI – which responds to simple

Artificial intelligence may have been all the rage this year, but according to our Senior Content Writer, Mike Tuckerman, authenticity is what everyone will be searching for in 2024. “I think I like you even better than last year’s one,” sneers the venomous Venetia Catton in Emerald Fennell’s mind-bending psychological thriller, Saltburn. “You’re so,” she continues to the film’s seemingly harmless protagonist, Oliver Quick. “So what?” he coyishly enquires. “

It's been a busy week or so for high-profile entrepreneur and investor, Sam Altman. We recap the details. “A Netflix documentary in the making.” That’s how one investment firm described the shock departure of OpenAI’s co-founder and CEO, Sam Altman, late last week. Leading up to this dramatic moment, it was reported that the board of OpenAI – which created ChatGPT – felt that Altman hadn’t been “candid enough in