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If you’re unsure how to brief a creative agency, you are far from alone – as you’ll soon discover. However, this insightful article will help to get you on the right track. It’s an underrated art: crafting a proper creative brief. Yet it shouldn’t be undervalued, because a great brief delivers serious wins. It increases efficiency. Reduces frustrations. Improves working relationships. Creates better project outcomes. But really it comes down

Artificial intelligence may have been all the rage this year, but according to our Senior Content Writer, Mike Tuckerman, authenticity is what everyone will be searching for in 2024. “I think I like you even better than last year’s one,” sneers the venomous Venetia Catton in Emerald Fennell’s mind-bending psychological thriller, Saltburn. “You’re so,” she continues to the film’s seemingly harmless protagonist, Oliver Quick. “So what?” he coyishly enquires. “

When it comes to unlocking the power of creativity, there are numerous benefits of hiring a creative agency to help take charge of your marketing needs. Have you ever stared at an empty Word document and wondered what on earth you were going to write about?  That’s where a creative agency like Hunt & Hawk can help. Stacked with a team of experienced content writers, graphic designers, campaign strategists,

What has 10 million views, a bright shade of pink, and sits alongside some of the most expensive buildings in the world?  Aussie actress Margot Robbie’s walkthrough video of the Barbie Dreamhouse for Architectural Digest. Given Architectural Digest has more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube, it’s no surprise so many people clicked on Robbie’s in-character walkthrough of the dreamhouse. The magazine has amassed a massive following on social

If Las Vegas wasn’t already quirky enough… Eye-bulging, neon-lit creations are as regular as slot machines in Sin City, but the latest construction to hit the strip is on another planet. Welcome to the MSG Sphere, an 18,000-seat arena of epic proportions and an engineering wonder. The mind-blowing 110m tall, 150m wide structure is covered with more than 50,000sqm of programmable LED panels – making it the world's largest

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Although this phrase has biblical origins, it’s become hauntingly accurate for a string of iconic brands of a more recent time. From market-dominant positions, these global giants have suffered humiliating downfalls. Generally, similar themes have been at the core of the collapses. Notably, these companies have demonstrated an inability – or a stubbornness, even – to adapt to technological advances or changing consumer

We’ve all come across an Instagram profile that stops us in our tracks – but have you ever felt like someone on social media was simply too perfect? Perhaps you’ve just stumbled upon Aaditya Iyer. When the handsome ‘entrepreneur’ shared his first photo on Instagram in early February, a growing band of followers in his native India swooned. In less than two weeks, Iyer amassed a legion of more than

Growing your brand can be easier said than done. New ideas and companies are springing up every day. They’re all suffering the same fate. They’re all struggling to be heard, to be understood, and to build connections. Why is that?  A quick online search should provide some answers. There are so many brands out there that many start to sound the same. With so much competition, it’s