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The MSG Sphere in Las Vegas at night.

If Las Vegas wasn’t already quirky enough…

Eye-bulging, neon-lit creations are as regular as slot machines in Sin City, but the latest construction to hit the strip is on another planet.

Welcome to the MSG Sphere, an 18,000-seat arena of epic proportions and an engineering wonder.

The mind-blowing 110m tall, 150m wide structure is covered with more than 50,000sqm of programmable LED panels – making it the world’s largest (and, at 100x clearer than any other TV, the highest resolution!) LED screen.


Las Vegas strip lit up at night.

The Las Vegas strip was already eye-catching enough. Credit: Ameer Basheer on Unsplash.

MSG Sphere – a Marvel Inside and Out

Costing upwards of US$2 billion, the MSG Sphere is a technological wonder inside and out.

Its exterior was first lit up on 4 July to celebrate Independence Day, and since then all manner of ephemeral visual displays have come to life.  

Inside, the entertainment venue features a main stage engulfed by another humongous LED screen that wraps around much of the arena.

Coupled with other elements, like a visceral infrasound haptic system, it aims to provide ultra-immersive concert and cinematic experiences like nothing before it.

The MSG Sphere is scheduled to officially open on 29 September with Irish rock legends, U2, set to perform.

Footnote: Word on the strip is that plans are being made to create a similar venue in London. Blimey!

Check out more of this massive marvel here.


U2 performing on stage.

Irish rockers, U2, are scheduled to officially open the MSG Sphere. Credit/source:

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Hero image credit: @lasvegasmsgsphere