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Close up of a street sign that reads 'no parking any time' against a backdrop of trees as part of an article about Chinese tech to combat illegal parking.

Sick of illegally parked cars adding more minutes to your commute? This Chinese tech might provide the solution.

We’ve all experienced it…

Car is parked illegally during peak hour traffic jam worsens.

Car is clamped traffic jam still happening.

Car is towed away traffic jam amplifies even more, then takes ages to be ‘unjammed’.

Of course, this scenario always happens when you have that thing that you absolutely must be on time for.

Illegal parking is an issue in cities across the world, despite the threat of hefty fines and the hassle of dealing with a vehicle that’s been clamped or towed away.

Because while those punishments might be something of a deterrent, they certainly don’t do anything for those of us stuck in traffic at that moment as a result of a lane being blocked by a damn car that shouldn’t be there.

But a solution is on the horizon…


Traffic banked up at twilight in a street in Sydney, Australia.

A commuter’s worst nightmare. Credit: Ethan Lee on Unsplash.

Chinese Tech – Simple but Effective

In China, valet robots have been trialled in some parts of the country to efficiently and effectively move illegally parked cars.

This invention is essentially a platform on wheels, equipped with a hydraulic jack system.

And armed with one of these robots, the process for moving offending machinery is all so simple.

Once a vehicle has been identified as being illegally parked, a robot is employed by the relevant authority.

With the help of a handheld, remote control-like device, the contraption is directed underneath the vehicle, and expands. From there, it grips the car’s tyres and elevates the vehicle, before moving it to a desired spot.

Once done, the robot effortlessly releases itself from the car and shifts away.

The clever Chinese tech allows vehicles to be moved forwards, backwards, sideways, and even rotate 360 degrees if necessary.

The video below seemingly captures footage of the process playing out in a quiet part of town but even so, you could see how these robots could work their magic on traffic-clogged streets.

In fact, robots seem to be all the rage right now.


But Is Danger on the Horizon?

However, our minds take us elsewhere…

Imagine if these robots were to fall into the wrong hands?

One minute you’ve opportunistically snagged a shade-filled parking spot in a busy precinct leading to you smugly alighting from your car and strutting away and the next you return to find your vehicle on the other side of the street, drenched in searing sunshine, and facing the opposite direction to which it should.

If this Chinese tech gathers speed, ‘illegal car-shuffling’ is in danger of becoming the latest TikTok trend.

We’re joking, of course, (well, we think), but you know how irate people can get about car parking.


Aerial of a maroon-coloured car parked across several parking spots in a car park complete with shopping trolleys.

Poor parking or mischievous valet robots at play? Credit: Iain Kennedy on Unsplash.

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