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A lime green Ola Electric scooter upright against a backdrop of the sky and setting sun as part of an article about autonomous scooters.

India’s largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer chose April Fool’s Day to unveil a prototype of its autonomous scooter, but the advanced vehicle is far from a joke.

Welcome to the world of self-driving scooters.

Ok, so that’s not quite the reality just yet, but Ola Electric has given us a glimpse into a future where autonomous scooters are the norm.

Funnily enough, India’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer decided to unveil a prototype of the world’s first autonomous scooter, named Solo, on 1 April – a day typically dedicated to fools and jokes.

However, Ola Electric CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, swiftly moved to shut down online commentary that suggested the autonomous scooter was all a prank, with a post on X the following day.

“While the video was meant to provide a laugh to people, the technology behind it is something we’ve been working on and have prototyped. It shows the kind of pioneering work our engineering teams are capable of,” Aggarwal wrote.

“Ola Solo is a glimpse into the future of mobility and our engineering teams are working on autonomous and self-balancing tech in two wheelers which you’ll see if [sic] future products from us.”


Autonomous Scooter Crammed With Nifty Features

At Solo’s core is Ola’s proprietary LMAO 9000 chip, which facilitates real-time traffic analysis for easy navigation, coupled with Quickie.AI technology for instant decision-making – and some built-in innuendo.

A key feature of the autonomous scooter is the Ju-Guard adaptive algorithm, which not only analyses ride patterns but accounts for potholes, speed bumps, and other hurdles to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. It includes a ‘human mode’, which allows the vehicle to interact with its users.

Facial recognition technology, helmet sensors, and intuitive communication capabilities in multiple languages are among the Solo’s various safety features. Additionally, the autonomous scooter can ‘interact’ with other vehicles and provide relevant alerts to riders via seat vibrations.

Another bonus is the Solo’s apparent ability to find the nearest hypercharger when its battery is low.

Some might argue the self-riding creation appears to have superior on-road capabilities than the average human scooter rider!

For the record: India has more than 11 million registered two-wheelers.


Scooters and other traffic line a road against a backdrop of an arched structure in an undisclosed Indian location.

India has more than 11 million registered two-wheelers. Credit: Laurentiu Morariu on Unsplash.

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