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Close up of a shower head spraying out water against a darkened background.

Accessible tech is finally getting its time in the sun. Or in this case, the shower…

Here’s a feelgood tech yarn to power your day.

Catalan startup, Showee, has demonstrated just how impactful accessible tech can be, pioneering the creation of intuitive smart showers.

The ingenious inventions are designed to significantly aid those with physical or intellectual challenges, and feature smart touchscreens that guide users through the showering process – from wetting to drying.

In fact, the accessible tech recently earned Showee first prize at the Spanish Red Cross’ Humanitarian Technology Awards, part of the 4YFN 2024 startup event.

As reported by TechCrunch, Showee has earned accolades for its focus on creating a social impact.

The adaptive smart showers aren’t just intended to make users’ lives easier; they’re aimed at helping them regain autonomy – at least as much as possible.

In short, there’s a distinct focus on the product delivering a balance between creating privacy without endangering safety.

The showers have several handy features, including touchscreens and voice control, fall detection, and customised settings.


Advantages of This Accessible Tech Keep Flowing

And carers are hardly about to become redundant.

Where required, they can control the whole process via an app – entering the shower only when required or notified.

As an aside to the accessible tech angle – but another positive nonetheless – Showee has declared that its products use 50% less water than regular showers.

The catch? It’ll need to be raining money for the average punter to afford one of these crafty creations.

Currently, they’re priced at upwards of $AU8,000, but the startup is focused on driving down the cost.

Pricing isn’t the only issue, though. Despite the hefty expense, Showee has declared that all its shower units are currently sold out – although more are expected to go on sale, starting in April.

Considering the demand for this product, hopefully the impending forecast is for plenty of showers.


Man sitting down in a Showee smart shower being washed by a woman as part of an article about accessible tech.

Despite the hefty cost of its smart showers, Showee is struggling to keep up with demand. Credit: Showee.

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