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Hunt & Hawk Article Marketing Trends 2023

Are you keen to make a serious statement with your marketing in 2023?

This ever-changing and unpredictable field demands constant attention, coupled with the need to be adaptable.

Where should you put your energies this year?

Well, with our finger firmly on the pulse, we’ve identified five powerful marketing trends to watch in 2023.


Colourful letters spelling the word 'marketing'.

Marketing. It’s a colourful world. Credit: Merakist on Unsplash.

1. Short Video Content Rules

If a picture conveys a thousand words, imagine the power of a video? Sure content may be king, but video is for the A-listers.

In 2022, people around the globe spent almost seven hours each day staring at a digital screen – with around half of that time spent watching video content.

The surge of TikTok and popularity of YouTube means video now reigns supreme in the battle of content types. Short videos are also shrinking in size – on average they’ve gone from 10 minutes in length several years ago to less than a minute today.

In fact, a 2020 study revealed that the average Facebook video watch time is a mere 4.57 seconds, so the challenge is producing persuasive visual content that engages quickly.


Close up of a person watching a YouTube video on a tablet.

Marketing trends tip no.1: Embrace video content. Credit: on Unsplash.

2. Sustainability Is Sought After

In 2021, IBM revealed half of its surveyed audience stated that they were ‘willing to pay a premium for a sustainable brand or sustainable products’. And that number is expected to continue to rise in 2023.

Shoppers have long embraced an environmental mindset and made brand choices that align with a healthier planet. Socially conscious brands have not only become trendy but a non-negotiable for many.

Branding with purpose is contagious, as consumers want to feel good with their buying power.

Start by being authentic, defining your stance on important social issues, and aligning with community causes.


Scrabble letters creating the words 'who are you'.

Be authentic. Credit: Brett Jordan on Unsplash.

3. LinkedIn Is Crushing It

After almost 20 years, LinkedIn has earned its reputation as a valuable place to do business – and thoroughly deserves mention in conversations about marketing trends in 2023.

LinkedIn continues to grow, with almost 13 million Aussies signed up. Open networking has become the norm and people are filling their networks fast.

Borderless business is easier than ever, so harnessing the power of this platform reaps rewards.

Traditional efforts can get a boost through paid advertising for those looking to double down. Either way, be sure to make your plan of attack to leverage the power of this B2B marketplace..


LinkedIn homepage displayed on a tablet.

LinkedIn is on the rise. Credit: Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash.

4. Authority Is the New Authenticity

Collins Dictionary picked fake news as the word of the year in 2017. Nothing much has changed since.

A range of global reports suggests that trust in news sources has hit rock bottom in 2022. Trust is a delicate concept and once broken, it’s even harder to repair.

With increased scepticism, people are fed-up with exaggerations, misleading ideas, and false statements. They’re craving content they can trust from brands and from marketing.

From your website to articles just like this one, audiences want well-researched, data-driven content that makes sense.

Take the time to unpack your key messaging to ensure you have clarity and brevity. Arm your content with more insights than clichés and make authority work in your favour.


Close up of Google Analytics data on a computer screen.

Data-driven content rules the road. Credit: Daniel Tomlinson on Unsplash.

5. AI Is Here to Stay

Doing business in the metaverse is still some way into the future. But there’s no denying the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in business and in marketing.

From document and process automation to graphic design, AI has been challenging the way we work – in many cases for the best. Websites have long embraced chat features to guide visitors, but they have limitations and are only as smart as the commands we humans provide.

The arrival of ChatGPT at the end of 2022 was a major move. It threw a spanner in the works for copywriters everywhere. Are the robots taking over and are content creators in jeopardy?

Certainly not when it comes to creating content to make human connections.

Experimenting with AI is a marketing trend we expect to see more businesses adopting in 2023. And until the robots catch up, we anticipate that leading brands will focus on personal content and being more human.

After all, the best way to stand out from the crowd and position yourself as an authority is to simply write better copy than any piece of software ever could.


Smartphone displaying the ChatGPT homepage.

ChatGPT arrived on the scene to much hype. Credit: Mojahid Mottakin on Unsplash.

Marketing Trends Are Our Forte 

Marketing trends are always on our minds here at Hunt & Hawk. We love seeing what’s new and blending proven methods with deep insights to build a brand so amazing it’s impossible to ignore.

If you want to chat about your marketing plans in 2023, drop us a line at We can’t wait to talk shop!