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Hunt & Hawk Article 5 Video Marketing Tips to Make a Serious Impact in Under 60 Seconds

Are you looking to embrace this visual medium to promote your business but don’t know where to begin? Never fear – we have a bunch of video marketing tips to get you started. 

Put simply, if content is king, then video content is the emperor. 

This visual outlet is staggeringly popular – and it’s only growing in importance.

Stats indicate that a staggering 2.56 billion users across the globe accessed content from pioneering video-sharing platform, YouTube, in 2022.

And as we outlined in an article about the importance of content creation, video is the most powerful and popular media format in this space and delivers the best ROI of any content type.

Bluntly, if video content is not part of your marketing strategy, you’re falling behind. But it’s not too late to catch up. 

Here are a few video marketing tips to get you started.


YouTube homepage displayed on a computer as part of an article about video marketing tips.

YouTube is mightily popular. Credit: Szabo Viktor on Unsplash.

5 Simple Video Marketing Tips

Let’s get stuck in…

1. Set the Tone

If you’re going to embrace video content, do so wholeheartedly. Indifference stands out rather starkly in this area.  

Once you do immerse yourself into the world of video, you will likely see the infinite possibilities available to you to showcase your brand. 

Incorporate music, animation, words, and graphics and you will soon stumble upon magical combinations to deliver your message with impact and flair that engages audiences.


Silhouette of someone holding a smartphone while watching a live event.

Show off the colour of your brand via video. Credit: Noiseporn on Unsplash.

2. Reveal Your Authentic Self

Of all the video marketing tips, displaying authenticity is among the most important. 

The audience demands it and sees straight through disingenuous activity – it’s even more obvious in this visual medium than other content streams. 

Additionally, find your niche. Use video to show your audience what it is about your brand and its products or services that mean customers should choose you over the competition.

In a cluttered marketing landscape, distinction is key. 


Someone recording an undisclosed event on their smartphone.

Among the key video marketing tips is to be authentic. Credit: Kym Ellis on Unsplash.

3. Content Trumps Gear, Always

There is a common misconception that creating video content means investing in loads of expensive equipment and/or hiring a studio.

Yet one of the best video marketing tips is to remember that content creation doesn’t have to be a costly exercise – both in terms of time and money.

Sure, you want to produce high quality content, but great ideas can come to fruition with just a smartphone, possibly a gimbal, and some basic video editing.

It’s all about creativity and execution. 


Smartphone attached to a gimbal recording a video featuring a dog.

A smartphone, a gimbal, and a good idea. Credit: Laura Kennedy on Unsplash.

4. One Size Fits So Many

If you’ve dedicated resources to producing video content, make the product work as hard as possible. 

Exploit the many digital channels available to you in which to share your story.  

Social platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok are tailor made for sharing video content – along with your website and even email. 


Two smartphones with TikTok app displaying resting on a pot plant.

Share your story far and wide. Credit: Collabstr on Unsplash.

5. Consider the Complete Buyer Journey

Video is a powerful selling tool, but the path to conversion often requires patience. 

Develop a video content strategy that speaks to your audience – or differing audiences – at the varying stages of their customer journey. 

This way, you can maintain connection with your customers and be in the best position to capitalise when they’re ready to purchase.


Credit cards on a table next to a tablet device.

Video leads to sales. Credit: on Unsplash.

Videos Boost Sales

Anyone with a digital device can consume video content quickly and easily, so clearly it provides the opportunity to instantly grab customers’ attention.

And when it comes to shoppers narrowing down the purchasing decision, 90% believe a video will help them make buying choices.

In case you needed more convincing, videos help drive website traffic when they’re optimised for SEO. Clearly, more traffic means more potential customers.


Smartphone displaying a YouTube video.

Video content can be consumed anywhere – even on a phone leaning up against a pot plant. Credit: Collabstr on Unsplash.

Need More Assistance?

 Are you looking for support beyond a handful of video marketing tips?

At Hunt & Hawk, we help brands grow with powerful strategies that cut through the clutter. 

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