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Hunt & Hawk Sales & Marketing ChatGPT Article

ChatGPT is everywhere.

It’s the name on every marketer’s lips and the artificial intelligence tool that has copywriters freaking out about their job security.

Is ChatGPT good? Is it reliable? Is it safe?


Smartphone displaying the ChatGPT homepage.

Does ChatGPT have a dark side? Let’s see. Credit: Rolf van Root on Unsplash.

The hype has been huge, with many hailing the AI-powered tool as a game-changer. While there has been plenty of focus on the positives – and they do exist – don’t forget about the downsides of ChatGPT. They include:

  • You have to be logged in to use it. That means it’s tracking every little thing you’re asking it, learning about you, profiling you against your search terms, and getting more powerful in the process.
  • It spits out very plausible material that’s often very confidently incorrect. So despite its power, human intervention is still required if you want your copy to be unique and error-free.
  • As powerful as it is, using it to write something original is a stretch. Its power is drawn from the average person’s ability to write, which isn’t all that impressive to begin with!
  • Its terminology is very American and even a little bit Hollywood.


Laptop showing a page from ChatGPT.

Originality is not ChatGPT’s strong suit. Credit: Levart Photographer on Unsplash.

  • Despite attempts to ‘decline inappropriate requests’, it’s still capable of spouting racist and sexist language.
  • It’s not especially up-to-date. Trawling data from the distant past can lead to inaccuracies.
  • There are serious ethical concerns over its use in schools and universities.
  • People believe they’re using AI… but what if AI is actually using you? By gathering data and understanding more about what you want, is it essentially mapping the mind? Does social media really exist to give AI insight into human emotions, and how to influence them?


Person looking at ChatGPT homepage on a computer screen.

What if AI is using you? Credit: Viralyft on Unsplash.

Another Thing About ChatGPT…

But the biggest thing to remember about ChatGPT? It won’t replace your job.

No, AI won’t replace your job… but a person who knows how to use it may well do.

So play around with ChatGPT and just remember, as powerful as it is, it still can’t replace human creativity.

If you’re after some copy written by actual humans, feel free to get in touch at to schedule a chat.

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