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Among the many acronyms thrown out in the business world, CRM is among the most important.  Customer Relationship Management systems are an essential tool for small businesses – particularly in the race to stay ahead of competitors.  In a nutshell, CRM software serves to streamline and automate processes and deliver data-led insights that allow brands to best connect and engage with customers and enhance profitability. Which options rank among

At the time they were groundbreaking inventions. Life-changing, even. Or so we thought.  A bunch of revolutionary technologies were once massive crazes but are now mere memories. We’ve already retraced the rich history of portable music players and the demise of associated inventions. Now, we’re turning our attention to other nifty devices, gadgets, and more.  Their stories provide several critical learnings that are relevant for all sorts of brands

‘Tech shame’ is a phrase that’s getting thrown about in some workplaces.  And despite what you might think at face value, it’s not older audiences that are dealing with the embarrassment.  It’s ‘the kids’. Or Gen Z workers, to be more precise, that are being tech shamed.   From Tech Whiz to Tech Shame This demographic is often lumped with a perception that it's a collective of absolute tech whizzes.  Most of

Branding is dead. Long live CX. Lots of people are saying it.  We agree with the CX bit – but even in the new world of Customer Experience (CX), the death of branding has been greatly exaggerated. Great branding doesn’t compete with CX. Great branding is the foundation of CX. What goes into a great brand? It’s much more than a logo or identity. We live by that. In

For Rod Stead—General Manager at GI Building Sciences (GIBS)—bold marketing with Hunt & Hawk grew his sales by 10x—and made his company a fortune.  As manufacturers of green building insulation, GIBS entered the pandemic concerned that growth might be out of reach. After mixed success with past marketing and sales efforts, they had no accountability, visibility, or strategy—or the tech to tie it all together.  They were flying

There’s a new chemistry emerging in business management. Software offers ever more data. Integrations become ever more possible and ever more complex. Business success comes from coherence, and one tool is emerging – to rule them all. It's a Business-wide Management Tool (BMT). It may be closer at hand than you think – as close as choosing and mastering the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution (spoiler

Running a business is like running a marathon – we’ve all heard this before. The more you train, the further you’ll go. There are no shortcuts, and you certainly can’t rely on skill and speed alone. It takes a combination of strategic planning, process, endurance, and strength to succeed. You also need to equip yourself with the right tools – the right shoes – to support your journey. What