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There are numerous marketing agencies for SaaS companies available.

There are numerous marketing agencies for SaaS companies available.

When it comes to choosing from a list of marketing agencies for SaaS companies, it helps to understand exactly how they can help drive your business growth.

Just do it.

We all know it’s Nike. We’re all familiar with the swoosh. But how do we know it?

It may be one of the most recognisable taglines in marketing history, but the key here is the word: marketing.

Unless you’re Nike, or Apple, or one of only a handful of huge companies whose branding is as recognisable as their products, you’re going to need some form of marketing.

That includes SaaS companies.

While Software as a Service may be one of the fastest-growing service-based industries around the world, it’s also a highly competitive space – not least because SaaS providers are generally looking to sell recurring subscriptions to repeat customers, as opposed to making one-off transactions. 

Which means that if you’re a SaaS provider looking to bolster your marketing efforts, it’s important to understand exactly what it is that one of the numerous marketing agencies for SaaS companies can do for your business.

Outlining Your Strategies

Marketing agencies like Hunt & Hawk offer an entire spectrum of marketing services, from bespoke ad hoc campaigns to full-service monthly VCMO packages.

They’ll start by outlining some marketing strategies, which may include helping you define your brand story and brand identity.

They’ll also work hand-in-hand with you to nail down what it is that makes your SaaS offering unique, and use that unique selling point to determine exactly how to position your brand in the marketplace.

One of the ways they’ll do that is by creating a range of marketing collateral aimed to bolster your presence across the digital landscape.

If you’re engaged in Content Marketing and utilising best practice Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics to drive traffic to your website, you’ll want to keep track of metrics like Total Clicks, Total Impressions, and Average Clickthrough Rate.

Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console can help you make data-driven decisions around exactly where to focus your Content Marketing, while a one-stop Customer Relationship Management platform like HubSpot can help organise your contacts, categorise your leads, and keep track of your conversions.

Hunt & Hawk are long-time HubSpot users and certified platinum partners. 

We can implement a range of HubSpot solutions into your marketing that help organise your sales funnel, generate leads, and drive conversions.

HubSpot can also help keep track of customer churn and retention – allowing you to make data-driven decisions around where exactly to focus your marketing efforts.

Marketing agencies for SaaS companies will undertake a range of strategies for your business.

Need marketing? It helps to start with some strategy. Image credit: Campaign Creators on Unsplash.

Choosing Your Services

While most marketing agencies for SaaS companies will undertake ad hoc projects on a case by case basis, one of the main benefits of engaging an agency with an in-built marketing and sales team like Hunt & Hawk is that it can operate as your very own external marketing team.

That allows your SaaS company to scale up at speed, without the expense of hiring an entire marketing team internally.

Because marketing agencies for SaaS companies are already home to an experienced team of graphic designers, marketing strategists, content writers, and sales experts, your business can take advantage of this expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring for each individual role.

It means you can go from simple things like running Meta ad campaigns, to outsourcing every element of your SaaS marketing with a full-service VCMO package, adjust your budget accordingly, and not have to worry about the considerable expense of hiring an entire team.

Once you’ve selected an agency, they can help with everything from crafting your brand messaging, creating targeted campaigns to generate leads and capture new customers, running your social media accounts, and producing expertly-written and designed creative content.

In short, an external marketing team is designed to handle all your marketing needs. 

They allow you to concentrate on your core business and leave the marketing to a team of qualified professionals.

Measuring Your Success

Look away now if you’re desperate for a quick fix, because effective marketing takes time to implement. 

That’s because the digital landscape is constantly evolving, and what worked last year may not produce the same results 12 months later.

Which means it’s imperative to not only A/B test your marketing, but also to experiment with a range of channels and content types.

The right marketing agencies for SaaS companies understand precisely what metrics to track for the growth of your business, and have access to the tools to do precisely that.

Whether it’s lead generation, sales pipelines, customer retention, or community engagement, the right tools can help you keep your finger on the pulse of these metrics and understand what’s working and what isn’t.

It’s here that an all-encompassing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform like HubSpot is so important.

Not only does it track your customers on their journey from their first touchpoint with your brand to their most recent engagement – down to the minute – but it presents the information in a range of user-friendly dashboards, allowing you to monitor trends at a glance and ultimately measure your company’s on-going progress.

As a certified platinum user, Hunt & Hawk can help implement HubSpot for your business, set up your dashboards, and help you analyse the metrics that guide your success.

Marketing agencies for SaaS companies can help analyse your metrics.

It’s important to keep track of your marketing metrics. Image credit: Austin Distel on Unsplash.

Need to Know More About Marketing Agencies for SaaS Companies?

With more businesses than ever embracing new ways of working, the Software as a Service industry was worth an estimated $AU427 billion in 2023 alone.

It’s expected to grow by a further 18% over the next decade, ensuring SaaS companies are now some of the most in-demand service providers anywhere in the world.

Yet the more SaaS companies there are, the more competitors exist in what is already a highly saturated market. 

That means no matter how compelling your SaaS offering is, you’ll need marketing to help you stand out in the marketplace and ultimately win over your customers.

If you need to know more about marketing agencies for SaaS companies, simply drop us a line here at Hunt & Hawk.

We’ve helped countless SaaS clients amplify their marketing and generate results, and we’re home to an in-house team of branding, sales, and marketing experts who can do the same for your business.

Need a hand with your SaaS marketing? Get in touch today.

Contact us at or book a meeting to chat.


What is a SaaS marketing agency?

Marketing agencies for SaaS companies will help build awareness of your Software as a Service product, and use that awareness to generate leads, foster brand loyalty, and ultimately convert it into customers who pay recurring sums for your service. 

How do I market my SaaS product?

There are a range of proven marketing strategies to help position your SaaS product in the marketplace. Most marketing agencies for SaaS companies will recommend a combination of Content Marketing, SEO best practice, paid advertising, and even free software trials.

How do SaaS companies find clients?

Marketing agencies for SaaS companies will use a range of methods to find clients online – from leveraging the power of LinkedIn, to running sales campaigns through HubSpot, to using sophisticated Search Engine Optimisation tactics to boost your Google rankings.  

How is SaaS marketing different from digital marketing?

One of the major differences between SaaS marketing and traditional digital marketing is the need to source recurring revenue. That means customer retention is vital, and ensures many marketing agencies will focus on developing brand loyalty as a means of retaining customers.