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Rebranding graphic featuring a person dressed in fluffy, bright-coloured clothing.

Rebranding is an inevitable move for many established businesses. But too often, these rebrands are pure fluff.

A new logo. A modern colour palette. An updated email signature. A homepage refresh. But no tangible changes for your business.

We say, ‘enough fluff’. There’s a better way.

When done right, rebranding can revitalise your teams, engage your customers, grow your sales, and even save your business.


Laptop displaying a template homepage.

Rebranding is about much more than just a new homepage. Credit: Igor Miske on Unsplash.

You Need a Rebrand when…

Some businesses rebrand because it’s been five or more years since their last. It’s a vague reason, sure, but usually more powerful reasons emerge when you scratch the surface.

For some, the rebrand is triggered by a merger or major acquisition. These are great reasons and there’s a big opportunity to tell a new story.

For others, there’s a major pivot in their business model or target market, like when you realise you’ve become a niche provider and need to boldly own that niche for growth.

When new recruits land in senior roles, it makes sense to rebrand. New eyes see new things. But those new eyes might see much more than a tired old logo they might see trouble coming.

And that’s when you know for sure you need a rebrand when you’ve hit troubled waters as a business. Sales are down, or churn is too high, or you’ve hit plateau instead of growth.

These are all tips of some big-business icebergs. Some suggest that’s no time to rebrand, and they’re right. Well, if you’re talking a fluffy rebadge. 

But when a business is headed for troubled waters, the right rebrand can actually save it.


Person typing on a laptop showing a Google Analytics page.

Sales dipping? Rebranding could help reverse the trend. Credit: Campaign Creators on Unsplash.

Opportunity Knocks

Rebranding is more than skin deep. In fact, it should involve a deep dive into all the moving parts of your business.

An integrated marketing approach to a rebrand is best practice to revitalise, reposition, and even save an organisation.

At Hunt & Hawk, when we rebrand a client, it’s a complete strategic realignment of internal and external communications. Sometimes, we even go deeper and help with product and pricing structure. Everything’s on the table because in business, everything’s connected.

We’re also focused on the voice of your brand, not just the look.

Anyone can look attractive, but clients stay for the conversation. So, we drill into your messages, which drills into your sales, which drills into your systems.

It works because it’s a collaboration.

We get your leaders together with our team of senior marketers, strategists, and creatives. We cut through noise, and workshop solutions. We don’t replace your development work we supercharge it. Then, we give you the tools to execute it, internally and to the world.


Message in a bottle washed up on a beach.

As the branding police, we’re all about extracting that message in a bottle. Credit: Jayne Harris on Unsplash.

Real Brands Dig Deep

The word ‘brand’ is often misunderstood to mean ‘logo’. But a brand is really an experience created for an audience, as they notice, buy from, and eventually advocate for your business. It’s a relationship.

Nobody starts a relationship with a logo. To create a genuine brand means digging deep into what matters to you as a business. That’s why we facilitate a ‘why’ workshop that delves into your purpose as an organisation. 

Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with why’ approach is the inspiration here. But it’s not enough. We’ve seen too many marketers facilitate the ‘why’ only to publish it unpolished and expect clients to care. They don’t.

That’s why real brands dig deep with creative, too. We bring the big guns of communications senior copywriters to speak to your audience about your big ideas in creative and conversational ways. 

Additionally, this includes your internal audience. A brand and voice guide empowers your people to adopt the identity and ideas and then publish like a real brand.

To help them, we offer a brand manifesto, social media, and advertising campaign copy. Then, there’s a website that fits your sales funnel, using structure and headlines from the rebrand.


A blue-coloured question mark against a pinkish background.

Why? We ask the question. Credit: Towfiqu Barbhuiya on Unsplash.

Rebranding With Immediate Impact

Your new brand will make you money if it’s done right. It’ll shift all the needles across your business.

Great branding attracts and inspires team members, tightens up sales funnels, grows audiences, and equips sales teams to show the best of your business immediately.

So, next time someone says, “It’s time for rebranding”, think ‘enough with the fluff’.

Get help to do a real rebrand not just another logo.


X logo.

Rebranding is about much more than just a new logo. Credit: BoliviaInteligente on Unsplash.

The Rebranding Experts

Need help with your rebranding activities? Reach out to the gun team at Hunt & Hawk to make it happen.

Contact us at or book a time to chat.

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