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Big Screen Stadium Technology

Do you watch the field or the big screen when you’re in the stadium?

Have you ever been to a sporting event and watched the giant video screen in the stadium the whole time?

England fans at the northern end of Stadium Australia had a terrific view of Alessia Russo’s winner in her team’s 2-1 quarter-final win over Colombia in Sydney as part of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

That’s because the other end of the ground is home to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest LED screen.

Measuring 10 metres high and a massive 120 metres long, the big screen boasts a 13HD pixel layout and was made by US-based manufacturer Daktronics.

Known locally as the Great Southern Screen, the gigantic video display was unveiled in March 2022.

Fans at the World Cup have been treated to plenty of replays of key moments from one of the world’s largest video screens.

Anyone who missed Russo’s skidding strike at the northern end of Stadium Australia on Saturday night simply had to look up to watch the instant replay at the other end of the ground.


Stadium Australia during the 2022 NRL Grand Final.

Stadium Australia complete with the big screen during the 2022 NRL Grand Final. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Big Screen That’s Too Big?

But is there a danger – when the screen is so big it’s literally unmissable – of watching the whole thing on the big screen instead of focusing on what’s happening on the pitch?

And do we really need another place to be bombarded with ads like the screen frequently broadcasts at other sporting events?

With England advancing to the semi-finals to face – you guessed it – the Matildas in the final four, the video screen will get another workout on Wednesday night.

All 75,784 tickets for the Stadium Australia showdown were snapped up weeks ago, with more than five million Aussies expected to tune into the match on TV.

Live sites have been set up all across the country, with thousands more fans set to pack into public squares and at least three other stadiums to watch the game.

The Matildas will hope they aren’t left watching many replays of England goals (update – they were!).

It will be one of the biggest nights in the history of Australian sport… and one many of us will mainly be watching on a big screen.


Stadium Australia hosting an unidentified football (soccer match).

Stadium Australia before the big screen was added. Credit: Fred Rivett on Unsplash.

From Big Screens to Big Results

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