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Graphic with a red-coloured love heart among random white-coloured letters as part of an article about AI and dating apps.

AI is dabbling in the art of matchmaking.

Popular dating app, Tinder, is testing an artificial intelligence tool that identifies users’ “best-looking photos”, which they could add to their profiles to increase the likelihood of potential partners swiping right.

As reported by The Guardian, the tech scans a user’s online photo album and handpicks five images that best represent an individual.

Match Group – the company that owns Tinder – said the move was designed to enhance the app experience. 

“I really think AI can help our users build better profiles in a more efficient way that really do showcase their personalities,” Match Group CEO, Bernard Kim, suggested.


Person holding a smartphone displaying the Tinder app.

Tinder is turning to artificial intelligence to enhance its user experience. Credit: Good Faces Agency on Unsplash.

AI to Combat ‘Dating Fatigue’

Kim declared Match Group had plans to launch several AI-led initiatives that were designed to “eliminate awkwardness” and enrich the dating experience.

This included surfacing “the right content to the right people to help improve relevancy and, ultimately, user outcomes”. 

Last month, Tinder Chief Product Officer, Mark Van Ryswyk, flagged the possible introduction of generative AI to help users create personal bios. 

Van Ryswyk said a study suggested that a third of its members would “absolutely” use the tech to help them create a profile. Tinder has a reported 75 million-plus active users.

Competing brand, Inner Circle, supported the integration of artificial intelligence in dating apps, declaring that many singles were suffering “dating fatigue”.

“It’s hard to write a bio that is perfect and not sound cringey and desperate, and AI provides an opportunity to optimise the time spent on dating apps,” Head of Communications, Crystal Cansdale, noted.


Person holding a smartphone displaying the Tinder app.

Many users appear on board with receiving outside help. Credit: Yogas Design on Unsplash.

Love Isn’t Blind

It’s not the first time that this tech has attempted to play Cupid or immerse itself in the dating game. 

Several AI-led dating apps are currently on the market with various imaginative interactive features. They include Blush, an app that allows users to practise their “relationship and intimacy skills” by flirting with its chatbot. 

However, Cansdale suggested that it wasn’t a case of ‘love is blind’ when it came to the relationship between artificial intelligence and dating apps. 

“We can’t ignore that safety is a massive issue here,” she said. 

“From scammers, spammers, and fake profiles, the whole industry is worried about how AI can be used to trick people.”


Person holding a smartphone against a blurred background.

Not surprisingly, there are safety concerns. Credit: Andrej Lisakov on Unsplash.

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