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Demonstration of the Humane AI Pin.

Do the words ‘Humane AI Pin’ mean anything to you? If not, they likely will soon enough.

We’ve been given a glimpse into major developments in ‘device design’ land and it reveals an astonishing leap forward.

“The future of technology might almost be invisible.”

Those were the powerful words of former Apple designer and Humane cofounder, Imran Chaudhri, during a recent TED talk.

Chaudhri took to the red circle to provide a sneak peek of a mind-blowing wearable gadget that his startup is developing: the Humane AI Pin.

As the name suggests, AI is at its heart. 

“We love building technology that genuinely makes people’s lives better,” he said during the talk.

“And we believed that artificial intelligence—or AI—would be the driving force behind the next leap in device design.”


Apple logo on building window.

Imran Chaudhri is a former designer with Apple. Credit: Bangyu Wang on Unsplash.

Incredible Functionality of the Humane AI Pin

The small and sleek wearable assistant was placed in Chaudhri’s breast pocket during the presentation while he demonstrated some of its incredible functionality. This included:

  • Receiving a phone call that Chaudhri is alerted to via a projection on his hand.
  • Being provided with a summary of his emails, messages, and calendar invites, demonstrating a scenario where he returns online after a meeting-clogged day and can easily access key information.
  • Flashing a chocolate bar in front of the device and asking it if he can consume the treat based on his own dietary requirements/intolerances.
  • Conducting an English-to-French translation in which the sentence spoken in French perfectly mimics his own voice. 

While it was unclear as to how some of these actions were achieved—amid a whole lot of other questions that come to mind following the show and tell—the demonstration provides a seriously impressive and potentially exciting gaze into the future.

“It (the Humane AI Pin) interacts with the world the way you interact with the world; hearing what you hear, seeing what you see while being privacy first and safe and completely fading into the background of your life,” Chaudhri said.

“Why fumble for your phone when you can just hold an object and ask questions about it?”


Person holding a phone taking a photo in the woods.

Why hold a phone when you can have the Humane AI Pin instead? Credit: Drew Hays on Unsplash.

Good AI in Action

The one-time Apple designer declared that the revolutionary device demonstrates “good AI in action”.

“This is moving away from the experiments that make us all concerned about the direction compute is going in, but it’s instead using technology to create real, responsible compute products that are in service to us, and built on trust,” he said.

“What’s cool is my AI knows what’s best for me, but I’m in total control.”

And Chaudhri predicts that the influence of artificial intelligence is only in its infancy.

“As AI advances, we will see how it will transform nearly every aspect of our lives in ways that will seem unimaginable right now,” he said. 

While concrete details concerning the Humane AI Pin are vague, the product is expected to be on the market later this year.


Colourful graphic with the word 'Ai'.

AI is only in its infancy, according to Chaudhri. Credit: Jackson Sophat on Unsplash.

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