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A lantern lit up in front of a ghoulish-looking creature as part of an article about Halloween tech.

There’s an incredible array of Halloween tech on the market. As we outline, it’s all part of a perfect marriage.

If you’re a tech lover and a Halloween fan, you really are in for a treat on and around 31 October.

Is there an annual celebration that’s better suited to creative, high-tech innovations? 

Maybe Christmas is on par, but with Halloween it seems like the assortment of tech-led decorations, gadgets, and other available paraphernalia is becoming wilder and wackier each year. 

Among some of the epic Halloween props on the market are massive sensor-activated animated reapers, animatronic crawling zombie hands, and voice-activated skeletons.

Another crazy creation is a Halloween-inspired doorbell that combines an animated skeleton hand with red LED lighting and billowing smoke, giving guests a chilling welcome as they sidle up to the front door.


Person holding a Halloween pumpkin.

This just doesn’t cut it anymore. Credit: Julia Raasch on Unsplash.

Halloween Tech Outshines Creative Types

And some of the high-tech face masks getting around are amazing.

Halloween used to reward creative types proficient at costume design. Now, you can slap on a mask that incorporates LED and Bluetooth technology and program insane customised lighting effects at the press of a button, and you own the room.

Then there’s the themed house projections mainly coming out of the Halloween-obsessed USA – see video below.

It all adds up to some scarily good Halloween tech innovations.

Sidenote: Google Easter egg alert when you type in the word ‘Halloween’.


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