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Person writing in a notepad as part of an article about a marketing checklist.

Are your marketing efforts failing to yield the results you expected?

Never fear.

Our marketing checklist reveals 10 ways in which you can improve your output.

Let’s get stuck into it…


Person using a laptop that's showing marketing analytics.

Improve your results with our marketing checklist. Credit: Myriam Jessier on Unsplash.

1. Plan For Failure, Not Just Success

This might seem a weird way to start a marketing checklist, but hear us out.

The purpose of this point is not to be negative or think you’re going to fail.

Planning for failure is actually a smart move. It helps you to be more objective, will give you more perspective, keeps you on your toes and, if things do go pear-shaped, you will be best prepared to move on as quickly as possible.

And remember, you can always change your plan, but only if you have one!

2. Know your Marketing Budget

Take a moment to consider what is and isn’t working in your current marketing plan. Where’s it going? What’s it generating?

Pay-per-click content and social media engagement are easy to track. For your other lead-generation efforts, it’s time to wake up and smell the digital age: marketing automation and CRM technology are your new best friends.


Person holding a smartphone while in front of a laptop.

Know your budget. Credit: on Unsplash.

3. Where are your MQLs coming from?

You’ve had people engage with your site, and now it’s time for sales to take over. Great!

But do you know where they came from in the first place? What aspect of your marketing strategy generated your new MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) over the last year, quarter, month, or week?

Or take it one step further and find the correlation between your marketing expenditure and the revenue generated by new leads.

Understanding this will go a long way to improving your ROI and overall results.

4. Reaffirm the Relationship with Sales

Marketing and sales are two cogs in the same machine – the dynamic duo.

The threshold between generating interest and passing leads over to sales is not a grey area but a clearly defined process with effective protocols and systems in place. Yet how many companies nail this?

The key question to ask is: What does your marketing-through-sales process look like?


People gathered in an office setting.

It’s an absolute must that marketing and sales are on the same page. Credit: Smartworks Coworking on Unsplash.

5. Know Thy Message!

This is a seriously important addition to our marketing checklist.

Consider this: Is your messaging and mission statement consistent across all channels of marketing, website, and client conversations?

If you don’t know what it is you’re trying to achieve, chances are your target audience won’t know, either.

6. ‘The Medium is the Message’

Is your choice of marketing material doing its best to convey your message?

Could it be better said in a podcast, eBook, video, or a blog?

If defining the best channels for your marketing efforts is a mystery, consider reaching out to sales and marketing experts for help.


Someone creating a blog article on a laptop.

What’s the best platform for your message? Credit: Kenny Eliason on Unsplash.

7. Optimise your Marketing

Remember, it’s the responsibility of marketing to ensure that sales knows what to say to clients and recognises how to leverage your company.

Understand the challenges and goals of your client-facing team and know they are living your company’s culture.

If the sales team is stalling, it might be wise to ask your marketing team why.

Maybe it’s time to think bigger and enlist in outside help to develop your team or expand offshore.

8. Content, Content, Content

An important consideration of any marketing checklist centres on content.

Is your content consistent across all your platforms, pages, and departments?

Are your keywords doing the best possible job to reach your target audience?

It’s time to get the attention of Google and be on top of the keywords that rake in the traffic in your industry.

This is vital if you want to outshine your competitors.


Person holding a smartphone displaying the Google homepage.

Make it your mission to get the attention of Google. Credit: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash.

9. Be Social Media Savvy

Having a strong social media game is a sure-fire way to bring more traffic to your pages.

Clear timeframes, a clear strategy, and knowing what your audience wants to see are key considerations when it comes to using social media to its maximum capacity.

10. Evaluate How You Will Achieve Your Goals

Rounding out our marketing checklist is a focus on evaluation.

Are you currently equipped to smash your KPIs and have your business soar off the blocks?

Who will execute your marketing plan with you? What skills, attributes, and expertise do you have – or need to develop – within your team to exceed your goals?

Realise the gaps, then fill them.


Post-it notes on board as part of a marketing plan.

A focus on evaluation warrants mention on any marketing checklist. Credit: Daria Nepriakhina.zo on Unsplash.

Marketing Checklist or Marketing Experts?

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