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Saint Patrick's themed beer glass as part of an article about self-serve beer taps.

It will come as no surprise, but Saint Patrick’s Day is the biggest beer-drinking day of the year in many cities across the United States.

One Nielsen survey found that beer sales on Saint Patrick’s Day in Chicago rose by 221% on the previous weekend’s figures.

But the real question for beer drinkers looking to raise a glass to Ireland’s patron saint is simple: how do you get served when the bar you’re standing in is packed and you’re surrounded by countless other thirsty revellers?

The answer, for a growing number of American establishments, is through clever use of technology.


Close up of a person holding a green-coloured beer.

When you just want to cradle a beer. Credit: Jon Sailer on Unsplash.

Smart Technology Has Been Brewing

While many US breweries have employed a range of smart technology measures for years now from IntelligentX, the first beer brewed using AI algorithms to tailor the recipe to ever-evolving consumer tastes, to electronic beer flights connected to an app that allow patrons to register their beer preferences in real time it’s an arguably simpler idea that’s having the biggest impact.

Self-serve beer taps.

Created by CEO and founder Josh Goodman in Chicago, PourMyBeer has pioneered the development of self-serve beer taps.

Thirsty patrons simply approach the tap wall, touch a registered RFID wristband or card which generates a range of tasting information and make their selection. They then simply grab a glass and start pouring.

Best of all, the system only charges by the amount poured allowing patrons to sample a wide variety of beers without smashing their hip pocket.

Pretty cool, huh?


Person holding pint glass next to a beer tap.

Self-serve beer taps are the way forward. Credit: Josh Olalde on Unsplash.

Self-Serve Beer Taps Growing in Popularity

It’s an increasingly popular method of securing a drink in some of America’s thirstiest cities – and the concept is taking off in Australia, too.

Although, there’ll always be room for a good old-fashioned bartender.


Bartender pouring a beer in a brewery.

There’s still a place for the trusty bartender (self-serve beer taps are terrible conversationalists). Credit: Bradley Gossett on Unsplash.

Great Ideas Brewing

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