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A graphic of Hunt & Hawk's owners and founders as part of an article about what makes an awesome sales and marketing agency.

As an established sales and marketing agency that delivers amazing results for its clients, we know what it takes to excel. Let us introduce ourselves…

Are you looking to work with a sales and marketing agency that actually performs?

Then, read on as we aim to demonstrate how your business could benefit from partnering with Hunt & Hawk.

We’re pretty damn proud of what we’ve achieved.

When we started our agency, it was literally just the two of us. One who specialises in sales and one who is a marketing and branding expert.

It was a unique skill set that massively benefitted our clients.

While businesses would typically go to a marketing agency for marketing and to a sales coach for sales, we knew they had to coexist.

When woven together seamlessly, an amazing sales and marketing agency delivers daring and fresh ideas branding, sales, marketing, and website related that demand attention.


Image of a hawk with the wording Hunt + Hawk.

Come and soar with an amazing sales and marketing agency.

3 Characteristics of a Winning Sales and Marketing Agency

Over the course of our business, we’ve learnt that we possess three defining characteristics that ultimately set us apart as Brisbane’s best sales and marketing agency.

This trio has brought our clients the results they needed, and much more:

1. We Take (Calculated) Risks

Right from the start, we were taking risks – from our internal pep talks to crossing over into business owners.

Thankfully, we had a solid understanding of growth and profit strategies from our vast experience and industry exposure.

We also noticed a massive gap where many businesses struggled when it came to sales and marketing.

Realising what we could offer these businesses, we started Hunt & Hawk. We wanted to service these clients and help to not only solve their problems but get them equipped to run their business.

How do we achieve this?

We take risks and help clients break out of their comfort zone. We challenge what they know, what they’ve been doing, and even what they’re asking for.

One of our clients, David Boyar from ChangeGPS, said, “You actually challenge what we say and enable us to think differently. Not many people have the balls to do that. And because you challenged us, we’ve gone down a path we didn’t think we would have, and it’s produced us amazing results.”

As risky as it is for us to tell a client “no”, or to challenge its ideas, we choose to tell it how it is.

We won’t sell you a service for the sake of selling a service. We’ll ask you the ‘why’ and determine if what you think you need is actually what you need.

We’re confident with this approach, as we’ve adopted it for ourselves, too.

We’ve ‘gone through the process’ and realised what our strengths and weaknesses are, and what we want to offer clients.

We have taken the time to understand strategies, tools, and technology so when we go to the client, we have solutions for their problems.

We took risks so that our clients wouldn’t have to. And we believe this is a trait of a prized sales and marketing agency.


Person gesturing in a meeting setting with a laptop in front of them.

We will challenge you in the hope of bettering you. Credit: Headway on Unsplash.

2. We Don’t Like Cookie-Cutter Ideas

To be frank, we don’t follow the stereotypical process of other agencies.

We acknowledge our differences in personalities and interests, and use this to our advantage.

We both bring a personality to the table, and so do each of our team members. That is why when it comes to how we work, we encourage everyone to be their awesome selves.

Step outside the box and be bold.

It’s such a delicate process understanding someone’s business personality because there’s all these nuances.

That’s why we make it a point to really listen, work with them, and make sure we extract the right information.

We’ll make sense of it until we develop something creative that’s true to your brand and different from the rest and that you love.

Let’s take the example of a client of ours, Dr. Tony Cakar of Grow Paediatric Dentistry.

He told us that many of his customers had been commenting on his website and branding and how it had impacted their decision to choose his dental practice over others. See more here.

And he’s just one of many clients who’ve shared a similar experience about working with us.

We’ve said it before if you don’t believe creating a distinctive brand experience is essential for your growth, we’re not a good fit.

But if you are ready to be challenged and grow by creating extraordinary experiences for your customers, let’s talk.


Unbaked cookies and cookie cutters placed on a wooden chopping board.

The only cookie cutters that we’re keen on. Credit: Anshu A on Unsplash.

3. We’re Ready to Adapt

We worked with many businesses before starting Hunt & Hawk, so we understand the uniqueness of each organisation.

So, when we begin to work with a business, we take the opportunity to learn about them and really get a feel for what their needs are.

There may still be instances when you know the problem your business has, but you aren’t sure which service will help solve it. That’s why we’ll happily guide you through the process to discover what you want.

Take our brand story process for example. This is something we have down pat and you’ll have to go through it to understand why everyone else is raving about it. We have found a formula that works, and it has helped so many of our clients.

However, if we see that a client needs a bit more guidance or they don’t have the audience quite right, we will pivot and be flexible.

Again, we won’t sell for the sake of making a sale. We’ll see what you truly need and we’ll be ready to change the strategy as we see fit.

In short, we are in the business of helping other businesses to grow.

But how can we do that if we as a business ourselves are afraid to take risks, would prefer to stick with the safe bets, and are reluctant to change?

And through these past few years, we realised what we’re good at and what we enjoy. But without that first year of doing anything and everything, we wouldn’t be able to say, “We now know what should be done.”


Person using a laptop that's showing marketing analytics.

We’re in the business of helping other businesses to grow. Credit: Myriam Jessier on Unsplash.

Work With Us

If you want to work with a sales and marketing agency that has done it all, won’t be afraid to challenge your ideas if it means bettering your business, and can confidently guide you in branding, marketing, and sales, then reach out to us.

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